John’s father always said that a river could teach you a lot about life – the patience of the current, the wisdom of the rocks, the joy of a successful cast. It’s this ethos that resonates so deeply with John Stenersen, our guest today, who shares his journey from the idyllic streams of Idaho to the forefront of one of the most iconic drift boat manufacturers – ClackaCraft. We wade through tales of his formative years casting lines under his father’s guidance, his tenure at Jimmy’s Fly Shop, and the evolution of his role at ClackaCraft, which mirrors the company’s ripple effect on the fishing world.

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We dig into ClackaCraft’s boat designs, reeling in the details that give these driftboats their edge – we’re talking groundbreaking features like the golf stream and tunnel hull. He navigates us through the intricacies of different boat models, designed for everything from calm lakes to challenging rapids, and we even set sail on the global currents that have carried these boats to far-flung fishing havens. It’s a masterclass in the art of the craft, from the serene glide of a low-profile skiff to the hearty resilience of the eddy models equipped for the intrepid angler.


As the current of conversation flows, we hear personal anecdotes and heartfelt stories that underscore ClackaCraft’s enduring legacy in the fishing industry. John shares tales of legendary guides and their trusted vessels, the unsung heroics of fly tying, and the seamless blend of work and outdoor passions that define a true outdoorsman’s life. It’s a genuine reflection on an almost 50-year journey of innovation, community, and the shared love for the pull of the line and the rush of the river. Join us for this memorable episode that’s as much an homage to the spirit of fly fishing as it is a tribute to the boats that make it all possible.

Episode Chapters – ClackaCraft

(0:00:05) – Clackercraft
John from ClackaCraft shares his fly fishing journey and the history and distribution of the iconic boats.


(0:10:31) – Features and Distribution of Boats
Nature’s innovative drift boat design features enhance performance in heavy currents and are popular globally.


(0:21:26) – Successful Humble Company Discussion
Bruce’s humble and dedicated nature has led to the success of his company, with a strong team and market growth in the eastern US.

Photo by Bruce Belles

(0:24:55) – Evolution of ClackaCraft Drift Boats
Nature’s evolution of drift boats, from basic designs to low profile models, their versatility in various water conditions, and suitability for both experienced and novice rowers.


(0:31:30) – Boat Prices and Guide Recommendations
Modern boats are durable and expensive, used by popular fishing icons like Kelly Galloup, with a focus on reinforced area and petroleum-based materials.


(0:37:37) – Boat Sales and Outdoor Activities
Customer service in boating, balancing hunting and fishing, fly tying, and blending work with outdoor hobbies.

(0:45:03) – Boats and Fishing Tips
Nature’s practical tips for anglers, local dining options, the green belt walking path, and his football background and connections.


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Resources Noted in the Show

The Drift Boat: A Complete Guide + the Top Tips on Buying a Drift Boat

Videos Noted in the Show

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Conclusion – ClackaCraft

In essence, John’s captivating journey from the idyllic streams of Idaho to the forefront of ClackaCraft, a leading driftboat manufacturer, embodies the profound connection between life’s lessons and the rhythmic flow of the river. The episode unfolds as a rich tapestry, interweaving narratives of family, mentorship, and a commitment to excellence in the world of fly fishing. Through John’s insights, we explore ClackaCraft’s almost 50-year legacy as not just a story of boat manufacturing but a celebration of innovation, community, and a shared love for the art of fly fishing. The groundbreaking features of ClackaCraft’s driftboats, from the golf stream to the tunnel hull, showcase their universal acclaim and recognition among fishing icons, making this episode a masterclass in the craft and a heartfelt homage to the spirit of fly fishing and the indispensable role played by these boats in anglers’ pursuits.