Brendan Morrison from Reel West Coast is here today to share his story of becoming a professional hockey player and how his love of fly fishing came to be. We hear about that winning goal he made that pushed Michigan to the National Championship and what it’s like to play in front of cameras and huge crowds.

We talk about how they film their episodes at Reel West Coast, what’s coming up for them, and why we should be excited about it. How did Brendan transition from scoring goals to scoring fish? Listen to this episode to find out!

Reel West Coast with Brendan Morrison. Hit play below!

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Show Notes with Brendan Morrison

06:30 – Brendan mentioned BC Outdoors with Mike Mitchell. Brendan was invited to host their show.

10:30 – We noted the Northern Lights Lodge. We just had Curtis Royer recently in episode 425. We also had Skeed Borkowski in episode 397.

14:30 – Brendan played professional hockey for 14 years. We hear about what it’s like to play in front of the camera with huge crowd.

22:55 – Brendan tells us about that time when he scored the winning goal against Colorado which was their first NCAA National Championship in 32 years.

25:00 – Reel West Coast is heading into its 7th season. They have more than 60 episodes published.

27:15 – We hear about their upcoming trip to Chile this month.

30:15 – We talk about their trip to Terrace, BC with Nicholas Dean where they Spey fished for steelhead and salmon.


34:25 – We dig into hunting. Brendan talks about hunting for mule deer in Southern Alberta.

37:00 – Brendan’s 21-year-old son plays hockey too!

38:00 – Brendan played center. He was originally drafted by the New Jersey Devils. He talks about playing with the big names in hockey.

40:00 – Wayne-Gretzy was Brendan’s hockey hero.

Photo courtesy of Britannica

43:40 – Len Ronson played pro hockey from the 1950s to the 1970s. He lived next door to us in Oregon.

Photo via Wikipedia

45:15 – Alex Ovechkin is creeping up to take the number 1 spot as an all-time scorer.

Photo via Wikipedia

50:00 – Vancouver versus Calgary? Brendan tells us the story of that awesome rivalry.

1:03:55 – Brendan explains what a hat trick means in hockey. “When a player scores three goals in a game.”

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