Mike Schultz is on the podcast to share his best smallmouth bass fly fishing tips.  Mike now runs Schultz Outfitters, one of the big fly shops near the Heron River.  We also dig into some different strategies for different stream flows.

We talk about how to fish with and without a boat with a focus on shallow and crystal clear water for smallies.  Mike shares the steps to finding big smallmouth bass in his home waters around Heron Lake.


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smallmouth bass fly fishing

Smallmouth Bass Fly Fishing Show Notes 

02:50 – Greg Senyo was on the podcast in episode 176 and talked about steelhead among other things including his connection to Schultz Outfitters.

04:50 – Jerry Darkes was on the podcast in episode 170 and also talked about steelhead.  Jerry noted the smallmouth bass fishery in the midwest as well.

07:00 – Beuters Fly Shop

17:30 – The hair minnow for low water

40:00 – Clackacraft headhunter 360 is the boat of choice for Mike.

clacka headhunter

43:50 – Modern Streamers for Trophy Trout was an influential book for Mike.


54:30 – Modern Swim flies

56:10 – The Swinging D is similar to the Game Changer concept

59:00 – Enrique Puglisi’s Crustaceous Brush is airy and is great for a wide wounded minnow.

ep flies


1:01:00 – Flymen Fishing Company came out with the first shanks for Blaine.

1:05:15 – G Loomis imx pro one piece rods in the 6, 7 and 8 weights are common for bass.

1:05:40 – Swinging D 2.0 and Dahlberg frog Pattern


Bonus Episode:  Mike Schultz pretty much blew this one out of the water but if you want to go even deeper, check out the sight fishing for smallmouth bass episode with Tim Landwehr here in #274!


You can find Mike at SchultzOutfitters.com



Resources Noted in the Show

The Game Changer book

game changer


The Dahlberg Diver


Videos Noted in the Show

The Belgian Cast


Swinging D Flies


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Read the Full Podcast Transcript Here


“We Start in Guide Mode, and once we are rolling it turns to God Mode.”

-Mike Schultz

Smallmouth Bass Fly Fishing Conclusion with my guest

Mike Schultz, the main man behind Schultz Outfitters breaks down smallmouth bass Fly Fishing so you can elevate your game this season.  We focus on the midwest and Huron Lake.

Mike describes how he ties each day for the conditions with a focus on swim flies.  We find out why he loves the game changer, swinging D and Dalhberg frog patterns throughout the year.