Kris Bare from AZ Fly Shop takes us into Arizona to discover how he catches massive carp on the fly in the city. Kris breaks down the rod and line setup for carp, the best time to fish them, and the best flies and techniques to increase your catch rate. Carp are normally underrated species but today, Kris tells us why they’re actually great for sport fishing.

We also find out how they raised around $30,000 for local charities like the Homeless ID Project and what they have going at AZ Fly Shop – the only fly shop in Phoenix.


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Carp on the Fly Show Notes with Kris Bare

06:00 – AZ Fly Shop has only been open for about a year and a half. He connected with the owner from a Facebook group and Kris was eventually offered to manage the shop.

10:10 – They have grass carp and common carp. Kris mostly fish for common carp.

carp on the fly
Grass Carp
carp on the fly
Common Carp

11:30 – Salt River Project is a power company in Arizona. They use grass carp as pool cleaners for the canals.

14:15 – For rods, Kris uses Scott Sector saltwater style 6 wt. For lines, he uses Scientific Anglers smooth line.

15:30 – There’s no standard line for carp fishing but if any company plans on creating one, Kris describes what it should be. “Somewhere between the trout line and infinity line. And it should have a tropical coating or make it as hard of a coating as it can be”.

18:30 – Kris gives a shoutout to Derek @lowaterguide who’s a great carp guide in Phoenix

19:30 – Common carp usually eat flies that stand straight up like headstand patterns, dragonfly nymphs, or damsel fly nymphs. Grassies usually go for plant-like flies that are more colorful.

carp on the fly


21:30 – AZ is the only fly shop in Phoenix

22:30 – For leaders, Kris uses 12 and 14-foot 3X. Umpqua’s 8-pound 10-foot is a pretty good leader.

26:25 – Salt River Project (SRP) owns the grass carp

27:30 – Kris walks about 7 miles every time he’s fishing for carp. Carp fishing is moving. The more water you can cover, the more successful you’ll be.

28:30 – Carp likes hot weather. The best time to fish them is when it’s too hot outside.

carp on the fly

34:10 – F&F Chewing Gum worm is great for swinging flies for carp

carp on the fly

carp on the fly

37:42 – In Phoenix they have: arctic grayling, brookies, browns, rainbows, tigers, apache trout, hellas, and bonneville cutts

43:10 – We had an episode about Beaver Island carp fishing at WFS 102

49:55 – Kris mentions some other species that he targets like sucker fish, tilapia, tiger sicclid, and catfish

carp on the fly

53:55 – The Carpalicious is a good fly. Kris doesn’t go anything without Black and Brown Wooly Buggers.

carp on the fly

59:10 – Kris gives a shoutout to Henry @littleboss2hauler from the Youth Team Fly Fishing USA

1:01:00 – AZ Fly Shop has already raised around 30,000 dollars for local charities. They’re having their 2nd Carp Rally on Sept 24, 2022.

1:09:00 – One of the number one causes of homelessness in Arizona is kids aging out of foster care. They donate a lot of money to the Homeless ID Project where they help the homeless to obtain important documents so they can get a job and a place to live, etc.


You can find AZ Fly Shop on Instagram at @azflyshop

Kris at @baretrapp88

Visit their website at

carp on the fly


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