Russ Maddin is on the podcast to share is best tips on streamer fishing for steelhead, brown trout and other huge salmonid species like the king salmon.   We find out why Russ gets so fired up with chinook salmon fishing.

Russ goes deep into all end of the streamer game including the best gear and stripping techniques.  Find out what depth and speed you should be thinking about.


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Show Notes with Russ Maddin

21:00 – Echo Bad Ass Glass have been Russ’ goto when he wants to go with a little more soul.

23:30 – Coast Watch is a good resource for weather and forecasting.

36:30 – The flash monkey works great for burning and pulling fast with two hands on the retrieve.

47:30 – The circus peanut is a goto pattern that Russ invented and has been noted many times.  Here’s Avid Max with a video:


48:00 – The antifreeze fly works great for brown trout

50:30 – Sci fi titan tip type 3 with a 7 weight 8 foot 10″ for streamers.


57:30 – Blain Chocklett or Schultz outfitters

57:30 – Mangled Fly is another good resource with johnny ray and Eddie McCoy

59:00 – Mike Schultz was on the podcast here.

1:00:50 – Northern Angler Fly Shop is Russ’ local shop


Resources Noted in the Show

Scientific Anglers Titan Taper


Videos Noted in the Show

The Flash Monkey


Here’s an hour of Streamers with Russ


russ madden
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Conclusion with Russ Maddin

Russ Maddin is here to shed some light on streamer fishing with a focus on steelhead and salmon in the Great Lakes.  Russ is one of the original streamer guys and was noted by Galloup in episode 52.