Matt Snider is here to break down warm water fishing with a focus on fly fishing for Walleye.  We find out how he first connected to the fly fishing space through Jackson hole like so many other guests we’ve connected with.

Matt is an expert on all warm water fish and today shares the strategy that he uses for all of these species.  We also find out what Fish Explorer is all about and why he designed this app.


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fishing for walleye
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Show Notes with Matt Snider

02:10 – Matt and I connected through Clubhouse and Roger Maves who hosts the Ask About Fly Fishing Podcast.  

03:42 – The Orvis Shop in Jackson hole is the first shop that Matt worked in.

04:30- I noted Tom Bie and Lori Ann Murphy and the Jackson hole story.  Tom Bie from the Drake was on the podcast in episode 162. 

Lori Ann Murphy was on the podcast in episode 195 here. 

06:20 – Perk Perkins was on in episode 225 and Gary Bebe and the first Chernobyl ant pattern

24:00 – Joe from Anglers Coffee was on the podcast in episode 207.

26:00 – The Aeropress podcast

34:30 – I noted the members group


36:30 – Matt talked to Lamson after hearing our Lamson podcast


You can find Matt at

fish explorer


Top 10 Tips on Warm Water Fishing

  1. Look for features in the lake
  2. Use satellite imagery at low level to find structure
  3. Use a fish finder to mark break points
  4. Look for the most complex areas
  5. Use baitfish and crayfish patterns
  6. Clouser minnows are perfect flies
  7. Sonar is a huge help
  8. fish with hook up
  9. woolly bugger with rubber legs
  10. balls of baitfish are structure


Resources Noted in the Show

Clouser pattern


Videos Noted in the Show

The Giant Hexagenia hatch


Read the Full Podcast Transcript Below:


Fly fishing for walleye

Conclusion on Fly Fishing for Walleye

Matt Snider is on the podcast this week to shed some light on fly fishing for Walleye and how he marks the lake using satellite imagery.  Matt is the founder of Fish explorer and a self proclaimed warm water fishing mad man.

Be ready in this one as Matt and I veer off on a few tangents along the way including some coffee talk.  But it also packs a punch if you are ready to dig into walleye and find out why walleye anglers are so passionate.