David Coggins is on the podcast to share his new book and perspective on a fly fishing life.   David has written some great books in mens fashion and now has produced a great book on the rituals of fly fishing.

David and I dig into some deep thoughts on fly fishing and family and the impacts to parents getting older and influencing your life.  We get a little deep in this one so stick around for some Coggins insight.


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photo via: https://www.handcutradio.com/episodes/31/3/2020/david-coggins-on-writing-style-and-finding-your-voice-029


Show Notes with David Coggins

04:50 – David Coggins was on the Art of Manliness Podcast.

08:55 – Tom Rosenbauer was on the podcast in episode 63 here.  And Ed Jaworowski here in episode 233 to cover fly casting.

17:10 – Javier talked about Arapaima in Ecuador on the podcast here.

27:15 – David Coggins was on the podcast here and talked about writing, etc.

31:14 – John Gierach was on the podcast in episode 47 here.  John discussed his background in writing.

39:45 – David wrote for Men’s Vogue magazine early on.

41:30 – Drakes designs outdoor clothing.


46:15 – Kirks glasses and the story of putting together and ad

47:15 – David was the editor of Conde Nast Traveler Magazine 

54:30  – Jeff Courier was on the podcast in episode 65 and talked about almost dying on a bus in Africa.

1:04:00 – The Rake and William Brown are two great resources for men’s style.



You can find David at the thecontender.co

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Resources Noted in the Show

Drakes Clothing


Men in Style by David Coggins

mens in style


Read the Full Podcast Transcript Below


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photo via: https://www.insidehook.com/article/travel/writer-david-coggins-names-his-5-favorite-bars-around-the-world

Fly Fishing Life Conclusion with David Coggins

David Coggins is on the podcast today to share why you should take time to do the things you love and in this case a fly fishing life.  We find out why he thinks we should all try out a bonefish trip even if you’ve never thought about it before.