Derek Deyoung is here to shed light on how he created one of the leading art creators focused on fly fishing.  It’s been a life long passion for Derek so you’ll want to check out this episode to hear how he put it all together.

We dig into the behind the scenes of how he created some of his most popular art and the process to get there.  Derek notes that having ADHD is actually a benefit for his artistic style and is something I deal with as well.


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fly fishing art

Show Notes with Derek DeYoung

08:00 – Mike Schultz was on the podcast in episode 229 with a focus on fishing for smallmouth bass.

08:25 – I noted Anglers Coffee and the Derek DeYoung art series that’s going on right now.

fly fishing art

24:05 – Simms was the first big licensing deal and a funny story

27:50 – The Profitable Artist: A Handbook for All Artists in the Performing, Literary, and Visual Arts (Second Edition)

42:18 – The fish faces series was used for anglers coffee series and is one of the most popular series.

44:10 – I noted Ray Troll and his amazing Art.

fly fishing art
photo via:

48:03 – Phone cases are the leading sku for Derek

56:26 – The hex hatch print

hex hatch

58:25 – Oregon AT podcast with Brent Baker.  Derek has a camper from four wheel camper out of souther California.

1:02:20 – Instagram and videos from pictured Rock around May and june 2021


You can find Derek at

fly fishing art


fly fishing art


Fly Fishing Art Resources Noted in the Show

fly fishing art


Fly Fishing Art Videos Noted in the Show

four wheel camper with hawk model


Pictured rocks in the upper peninsula

pictured rocks
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Fly Fishing Art Conclusion with Derek DeYoung

Derek Deyoung shares his passionate fishing art story of how he came to become a leader in the space.  We find out some of his most popular are over the years and where he’s heading next with his work.