James Millard is back on the podcast to share the update on Olympic Peninsula Skagit Tactics and the new products they have out now.  We find out about a new line that you might enjoy checking out and a ultra light trout spey.

We also dig into some more tips on skating dry flies for steelhead.  James shares some tips on best conditions and equipment for your next outing.  We also find out how the European folks are flipping the heads so they can do some scandal casting.


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Show Notes with Olympic Peninsula Skagit Tactics

03:15 – Heres the first episode with James Millard way back in episode 29.

05:35 – Kynslee Sccott and Ricky Davis are two of OPST’s brand ambassadors.

07:20 – Dave Flaherty from Left Coast Spey helps OPST with some of their modeling.

09:00 – We talked about the 10’ SHS floating tips that work on OPST skagit heads.

19:40 – We talked about the commando groove which is great for summer steelhead especially if you’re looking for an intermediate.

21:04 – The Hardy Perfect Click Pawl Reels were noted here.

22:46 – James notes the FIST from airflow and the similarities with the OPST series.

3502- The Commando Smooth would be the best line for dry fly fishing trout.

35:30 – The micro skagit rods are great for a two handed trout set up in the lower rod weights.


41:10 – Tom Morgan RodSmith’s were on the podcast in episode 162 here.

47:00 – OPST Line chart

52:48 – Todd Hirano has a great blog on skating flies.

53:00 – Richard Harrington was the podcast here.

54:00 – You can Find Olympic Peninsula Skagit Tactics on youtube here.


You can James at PureSkagit.com

olympic peninsula skagit tactics


Resources Noted in the Show

SHS floating tips


Micro Skagit rods

opst micro skagit


Videos Noted in the Show

OPST Youtube channel


james millard
photo via: http://oregonflyfishingblog.com/2017/03/12/postcards-from-the-2017-fff-albany-fly-expo/

Conclusion with James Millard

James Millard gives us an update on new products coming out for OPST.  We talked about the Grand Ronde and some summer steelhead action.  We also find out why their new intermediate line is great for trout and steelhead.

We talk about some of the new products over the last year like the two handed micro skagit rod and the commando smooth which are great for trout fishing.