Brian O’Keefe is back on the podcast with an update on his traveling adventures. We discover what his Iceland trip was all about and how that went down. We get a little rundown on his top destination trips that we should all be thinking about. Brian tells us why he moved to Idaho and why that place is so unique. We also learn some photography tips using only your phone.

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fly fishing trips

Fly Fishing Trips Show Notes with Brian O’Keefe

05:00 – Brian now lives in East Idaho and talks about what makes that place unique.

10:25 – He talks about the Pseudo tiny Blue-winged Olive that the fish feeds on but gets very selective.

11:45 – Brian mentioned the fly called Flymph.

Photo by Old Hat Fly Tying

17:30 – We had Brian on for the first time in episode 78 where we talked about DIY-ing Alaska.

19:40 – Brian was with Ross Purnell last year on a Chile trip working on magazine features. Ross was on the podcast in episode 333.

26:45 – Brian tells us his Top Must-Do Trips.

  1. New Zealand
  2. South America for Arapaima, Jungle Bass, Golden Dorado, etc.
  3. Patagonia Region of South America
  4. Sweden
  5. Iceland for sea-run browns
  6. Texas for Redfish
  7. Florida for Tarpon, Permit, and Bonefish
  8. Alaska for Rainbows
  9. Kamchatka for Rainbows

35:30 – Redfish is a good fish to target in Texas.

fly fishing trips


36:30 – Abbie Schuster was recently on the podcast in episode 381 where we talked about Martha’s Vineyard fishing.

38:30 – Brian tells us about his Kamchatka experience.

fly fishing trips fly fishing trips

42:30 – Brian shares some tips on taking photos using your phone.

55:20 – Brian does some chukar hunting too.

1:01:30 – We hear about his Alaska experience.

You can find Brian on Instagram at @brianokeefephotos

fly fishing trips

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