Join us in this episode featuring the one and only John Schneider, as we venture into the captivating realm of hunting and cooking wild game and fish. From his Food Afield Podcast to his expertise in campfire cooking, John will be sharing invaluable tips and skills that elevate the outdoor experience to new heights.

Whether you’re an avid outdoors enthusiast or a curious novice, this episode promises to deliver knowledge that will enrich your outdoor pursuits.

Show Notes with John Schneider on Wild Game and Fish. Hit play below! 👇🏻

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wild game and fish


Episode Chapters with John Schneider on Wild Game and Fish

2:50 – We talk about how John got into fly fishing. He was in his early 20s when he met his fishing mentor, Charlie Woodbury.

4:03 – He mentions the people whom he first connected with when he started hunting. He also shares how his love for hunting and cooking started when he was just a kid on a farm north of Edmonton.

His mom wouldn’t let him have a gun, so he went to bow instead. That’s how he started learning bow hunting.

wild game and fish
Photo via:

9:19 – He talks about the hunting culture in Canada and his daily hunting. He hunts and fishes for food.

12:42 – We dig into his podcast entitled Food Afield Podcast. He tells us how this came to be and how it has been going. Aside from hunting, he has been into radio broadcasting since childhood.

16:44 – He talks about how and why he came up with the different series on his website and podcast. These series are geared towards inspiring and educating people.

22:20 – He walks us through how he prepares and cooks wild game and fish. He doesn’t like accumulating a lot of gear. He sticks to the basics like his durable pan and grill. He also says that the biggest thing in preparing any wild food is the method of preparation.

wild game and fish
“The ultimate campfire cooking setup at base camp in the boreal.” (Photo via:

31:35 – I ask about how he prepares a whitetail. His favorite method is braising.

wild game and fish
“Kevin Kossowan’s picture of me and the ’21 whitetail buck.” (Photo via:

36:40 – He doesn’t follow recipes in cooking, but he recommends learning how to make different sauces for your meat.

37:45 – He tells us how he makes sausages.

39:38 – He’s big into layers. He not only hunts and fishes when he goes out, but also cooks, journals, and takes photos.

wild game and fish
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41:30 – He sells journals with prompts for people to answer and fill up about hunting and fishing. Check out his journals here.

wild game and fish
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45:10 – We touch on foraging. His friend Kevin Kossowan has a webseries called From the Wild where one of his focuses is foraging. He also runs foraging clinics and walks in Edmonton.

46:45 – He also recommends watching Les Stroud and Chef Paul Rogalski’s series called Wild Harvest.

47:05 – He talks about the other animals he hunts for and eats which include his favorite, Ruffed grouse, Whitetail, and Sandhill crane. He also shares a tip: pre-make your sauces and store them in the freezer.

56:10 – We give a shout-out to one of our avid listeners.

57:02 – We dig into fishing. He regularly targets rocky mountain whitefish.

wild game and fish
“The side-by-side taste comparison of Rocky Mountain Whitefish and Cutthroat Trout. Which would you prefer?” (Photo via:

1:00:38 – He gives some valuable outdoor tips for safety.

1:05:14 – He talks about the knife that he has had for years from North Mountain Knives.

1:07:25 – He shares the podcast topics he likes listening to. He also recommends listening to his episode with Clay Newcomb with the MeatEater crew.

1:12:49 – We dive more into podcasting like my personal favorite episodes in the Wet Fly Swing and the current trend in the industry.

You can find John on Instagram @JohnSchneidersWildLife.

Facebook at John Schneider’s Wild Life

YouTube @JohnSchneidersWildLife

Visit his website at

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wild game and fish

Conclusion with John on Wild Game and Fish

Our conversation with John Schneider was a true delight for those who love the great outdoors and everything that comes with it. We talked about hunting and fishing, of course, but also about the joys of campfire cooking, foraging, and other valuable skills that every outdoor enthusiast should know. John’s passion for the subject truly shone through, and we were grateful for the opportunity to learn from him.

If you’re interested in exploring the world of wild game and fish, or just love a good podcast, be sure to check out John’s Food Afield Podcast. And who knows? Maybe one day you’ll be cooking up your own delicious wild game feast, thanks to the tips you picked up from John and this episode.