Cam Gordon is here today to share his journey around fishing Honduras, fly fishing, and Fishhound Expeditions.

We find out how he found himself creating this Honduras fishing operation, what his next year looks like around the Fishhound Expeditions in Alaska, and what it’s like to be a full-time guide.

Fishing Honduras with Cam Gordon. Hit play below!

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fishing honduras

Fishing Honduras Show Notes with Cam Gordon

3:20 – Cam takes us back to how he got into fly fishing and how he made it into a business.

5:16 – He talks about when and how they started their guiding trips in Alaska.

7:54 – I ask him what keeps him in Alaska.

fishing honduras
Alaskan Steelhead are so special. #steelhead #alaska #flyfishing #fishing (Photo via:

8:55 – March is one of his favorite months in Talkeetna, Alaska.

9:50 – He talks a bit about their guiding in Fishhound Expeditions.

11:09 – We talk about fly fishing in Honduras. He recommends Fly Fish Guanaja with Steve Brown which he says is one of the best operations for saltwater flats fishing.

fishing Honduras
Steve Brown of Fly Fish Guanaja (Photo via:

12:15 – Guanaja is part of the Bay Islands of Honduras which is where he’s starting his operations.

12:28 – He shares how he and his girlfriend discovered a fantastic spot in the Bay Islands.


13:20 – He talks about their soft opening in Honduras and his transition from a guide to the owner of Fishhound Expeditions.

15:06 – He describes Honduras, what to expect, and what makes it amazing for fishing. The spot where he is at is bonefish mecca.

fishing honduras
Photo via:

16:02 – I ask him if the grand slam is doable in their area in Honduras. He also mentions the species you can find there.

18:25 – We talk about tarpon.

19:27 – He shares about the time when the whole Fishhound team came down to Honduras. Their head guide, Will Donnelly, also talked a bit about this in episode 401.

fishing honduras
Photo via:

22:40 – He mentions some places near him to get some food and hang out. He aims to make the fly fishing resort he’s starting there to be a little different from the rest.

24:34 – We dig into how he sees this venture with Fishhound as a long-term deal and how this all started as a spur of the moment when COVID-19 hit.

30:04 – For those interested to fish in the Bay Islands with Cam, they can reach out to Fishhound Expeditions.

31:12 – He has been working with Steve Brown of Fly Fishing Guanaja to start his operations there and learning everything.

34:13 – He compares guiding and fishing in Alaska vs in Honduras.

The realities of taking clients into the heart of some of the most untamed, wild land in the world. #guidelife #alaska (Photo via:

39:34 – He takes us flats fishing and shares some exciting stories of fishing in Honduras.

44:25 – He talks about how he explored the flats by himself when he first came to Honduras.

46:02 – He mentions some of the challenges he encounters when fishing there such as changing weather conditions.

47:18 – He describes the mangroves and the important role it plays in conserving the environment.

fishing honduras
Photo courtesy of Cam Gordon

49:02 – He mentions a nonprofit organization called Fish for Change which teams up with local organizations to work on conservation initiatives.

fishing honduras
Photo via:

50:26 – We touch on his Instagram account called Log Jam Productions which gives people a glimpse of his life as a backcountry fishing guide in Alaska. It also features some of his best friends whom he met through fishing.

Photo via:

54:50 – I ask him about his life before fishing and guiding with Fishhound Expeditions.55:36 – He talks about the technicality of going through a whitewater.

Photo via:

56:39 – He shares an amazing story when his boat deflated while fishing with a father and son client in a river in Alaska.

1:02:10 – I ask him about the music scene in Honduras and the types of music he listens to.

1:03:25 – He grew up in the Great Lakes.

You can find Cam Gordon on Instagram @logjam_flyfishing.

You can find Fishhound Expeditions on Instagram @FishHound_Expeditions.

Facebook at FishHound Expeditions

Visit their website at

fishing honduras

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Read the Full Podcast Transcript Below

fishing honduras

Fishing Honduras Conclusion with Cam Gordon

Cam Gordon’s journey of starting his operations in Honduras and his passion for fly fishing are truly inspiring. It’s exciting to see what the future holds for him and his team in Alaska.

We hope you enjoyed listening to our episode and gained some valuable insights into the world of fly fishing. Until next time, tight lines and happy fishing!