Are you planning a trip to Maine for some Fly Fishing?  Would you like to find out which are the top species to chase on the fly?  Greg LaBonte from Maine Fly Guys answers these questions and much more today on the podcast.

Greg is the owner of Maine Fly Guys and also a professor with a focus on fisheries.  He describes his take and how he utilizes his podcast, In the Film to start discussions around controversial topics.  Click play below to listen to the podcast.


Maine Fly Guys with Greg LaBonte. Click play below to listen!

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maine fly guys

 Show Notes with the Maine Fly Guys and Greg LaBonte

11:58 – Greg noted their popular blog which focuses on fish biology and life histories.  Take a look at

12:56 – We talked about how brook trout and other salmonids get stressed around 70 degrees F and can impact their survival.

13:24 – Gord Pyzer was on the podcast in episode 446 and talked about musky life history and fishing tips.

Gord Pyzer
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18:15 – Lefty Kreh said his favorite smallmouth bass fishing was in maine!

23:24 – The St. John River is a important fishery and is almost entirely un-dammed.  The musky have thrived in this basin and have impacted brook trout.

st johns river
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44:25 – You can find Greg on a beach chasing stripers in the months of June, July and August.

striper hollow fly
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Greg’s Top 7 Species for Maine:

  1. Musky
  2. Striped Bass
  3. Pike
  4. Smallmouth Bass
  5. Salmon
  6. Rainbow Trout
  7. Brook Trout
  8. Brown Trout
  9. Lake Trout


52:55 – Greg hosts the In the Film podcast where he tries to stay on the edge of topics to create a good discussion.

in the film podcast


55:54 – Greg notes the IFW Hoot Owl regulation review episode.  You can listen to in in the Film here.

59:35 – We talked about the Web Growth Code Podcast and my interview with the founder of Buzzsprout.

1:02:56 – MK Kitchen in Gorham is a must stop for great food.

1:11:54 – Shoutout to Queen!


You can find Greg at

maine fly guys

and on Instagram at:  MaineFlyGuys


Maine Fly Guys Resources Noted in the Show

Maine Inland Fisheries and Wildlife

maine inland fisheries and wildlife


Buzzsprout is a great Podcast Host



Maine Fly Guys Videos Noted in the Show

Here’s the Maine Eel Fly – Striped Bass Video


Queen – Somebody to Love


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maine fly guys

Maine Fly Guys Conclusion with Greg LaBonte

Greg LaBonte from Maine Fly Guys takes us into the conservation issues and all of the great species you can catch in Maine.  We hear about In the Film, which is his podcast that takes a deep dive into hard hitting issues around fish and fishing.

Make sure to click play above and listen to the podcast to hear the full story.