Adam Cutthriel is back on the podcast to take us into one of the great steelhead rivers around the world. We discover how he was able to put together one of the only programs in this part of Alaska, in Kodiak. We find out how and why you might want to book a spot with Adam and the FishHound crew. And we also hear about their recent trip to Honduras with Cam, one of his main Guides.

Every time I get Adam on the show, it’s always a good time, good laughs so I’m excited to share this one with you. Here we go.

Fly Fishing Kodiak with Adam Cuthriell. Hit play below!

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Show Notes with Adam Cuthriell

02:20 – We did an episode with David Gravette, a professional skateboarder in episode 407. He told us his story of breaking almost every bone in his body from skating.

06:00 – Adam tells us what the trip looks like starting day 1.

07:20 – Adam tells the story of how they we able to set up a lodge in Kodiak with the help of his friend’s wife who happens to be the President of the Kodiak Native Corporation. He noted Girdwood Brewing Company which his friend started. They make great beer.

12:00 – Steelhead holds a special place in their hearts.

fishhound expeditions

13:20 – They had a new record set this year of catching 38 steelheads in one day.

16:45 – For the last 2 years, it did not matter which flies you use. Everything worked.

22:40 – Bears are everywhere in Kodiak.


fishhound expeditions

26:30 – Trips are sold out this year but if you want to book ahead of time, you can head over to to check in with Adam and see what they have coming next.

26:59 – The Situk is a phenomenal river. Adam talks about why it’s a great fishery.

31:50 – We had Will Donnelly from FishHound Expeditions too in episode 401.

32:20 – They have 10 full-time guides.

fishhound expeditions

34:00 – Adam tells us about their trip to Honduras.

39:45 – John McMillan was here in episode 117. 

40:57 – Hobo Spey is Adam’s top fly. For rod, he uses 12-foot 7-wt.

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42:00 – Adam is going to Bolivia for Golden Dorados in June.

You can find FishHound Expeditions on Instagram @fishhound_expeditions


fishhound expeditions

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