Will Donnelly, head guide at FishHound Expeditions, takes us into Alaska with a focus on road-tripping. We break down Alaska by car – where you should be heading, species you can chase, and some tips on flies technique. We also talk about that trip we had last year and what you can expect when you fly out to Alaska with the FishHound crew.

Alaska Fly Fishing Guide with Will Donnelly. Hit play below!

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alaska fishing guide

Show Notes with Will Donnelly

04:45 – Will moved to Anchorage Alaska with his parent when he was 10 years old

10:45 – Eligible Alaskans get Permanent Fund Dividend.

13:30 – Will talks about fishing in Honduras.

17:30 – Adam Cuthriell was on the podcast 3 times in episodes 324, 346, and 377.

alaska fly fishing guide

22:30 – The fish in Alaska are meat eaters. Mousing is the best way to catch them.

35:00 – Will talks about how they painted a steelhead on their Astro van.

alaska fly fishing guide

39:30 – Will tells the story of when he caught his first steelhead on the Kenai River with the help of an otter.


48:00 – His favorite mouse pattern is the Rio Pip Squeak. Shares a tip that almost always guarantees a hook-up.

Alaska Fly Fishing Guide
Photo by CaddisFlyShop.com

1:00:30 – The Kenai and Susitna Rivers both flow into the Cook Inlet.

1:03:20 – Will recommends his favorite fly shop in Anchorage, Mossy’s Fly Shop

1:13:20 – Will talks about fishing one of the Kodiak rivers in July.

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alaska fly fishing guide

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