James Park from Red Truck Fly Fishing is on the podcast today to take us through the steps to choosing a great fly rod and some of the companies and people who have influenced him as a fly rod company owner along the way.

We find out how his background with Leland Fly Fishing and Loop help to guide James’ path to quitting his day job to take a year long sabbatical traveling and fishing before taking on Red Truck Fly Fishing.


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Show Notes with James Park

09:30 – Leland Fly Fishing Outfitters was the first shop that helped to get James going in the fly fishing space.

13:00 – James helped Loop elevate their brand in North America.

13:40 – Here’s the Klaus Frimor episode #127 where we dug into Scandi lines.

15:45 – TFO’s founder Rick Pope was on the podcast in episode 158 here.

30:25 – The new Ford F150 Lightning fully electric truck is coming out in 2022 and is kinda my dream truck.  This video walks you through some of the specs.


36:50 – Fiberglass Manifesto and Cameron Mortenson were on the podcast in episode 88 here.  Cameron has been a big friend to what James has been doing with his fiberglass line.


37:00 – Shane Grey and Grey Wolf Rods has been another big influence for James.

1:08:50 – Episode 177 and the drift boat episode.

1:12:18 – Bill Graham presents and the Grateful Dead


You can find James at RedTruckFlyFishing.com

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Resources Noted in the Show

fly rod for trout


Videos Noted in the Show

Grateful Dead Cornell 1977 – Full Show


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Conclusion with Red Truck Fly Fishing

James Park from Red Truck Fly Fishing is here to take us through the process of understanding how to choose a fly rod for trout.  We find out James transitioned away from Leland Fly Fishing and where they are taking Red Truck next.

We find out about the Red Truck rod action and how they are separating themselves from other big companies like Sage and other leaders.  This is a really transparent episode with some hard questions that James does a great job at addressing.