As he grasped his grandfather’s old fly rod, he couldn’t help but feel the weight of legacy in his hands. That’s the moment our guest, Zach Pope, credits for sparking a lifelong love affair with fly fishing—a passion that would eventually lead to the creation of the TroutRoutes app.

Show Notes with Zach Pope – TroutRoutes. Hit play below! 👇🏻

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Episode Chapters – TroutRoutes

(0:00:05) – Fly Fishing and TroutRoutes App
Discovering a grandparent’s fly rod leads to a passion for trout fishing and the creation of TroutRoutes app.

(0:10:41) – Mapping Trout Routes and Public Access
TroutRoutes is a digital mapping tool for anglers, providing access to information for stocked and wild trout streams.

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(0:17:40) – TroutRoutes’ Features
TroutRoutes app promotes exploration, private notes, and navigability laws to enhance fishing experience.

(0:21:44) – Lessons in Product Development and Expansion
Nature’s lessons from a startup’s early decisions and customer feedback, including adapting to regional fishing experiences and integrating local regulations into the app.

trout routes

(0:32:47) – Trout Routes Plan
TroutRoutes app’s value and pricing, trout lake layer, historical fishing methods, and technology’s impact on outdoor resources.

trout routes

(0:39:29) – Conservation and Nonprofit Commitment
Fly fishing app donates to conservation, promotes accessibility and public land access, and engages with the community through partnerships and expos.

(0:49:10) – Unique Fishing Area Exploration
Nature’s unique fly fishing opportunities in the Driftless Area, TroutRoutes app, upcoming trip with local expert Jerry.

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Conclusion – TroutRoutes

Through our conversation, we’ve journeyed alongside Zach, exploring the evolution of this innovative tool that guides anglers to their ideal catch while navigating legal waters.