how to step through a run

Are you wasting time swinging for steelhead by taking little baby steps and fishing too slowly through a run?

Or are you missing fish by taking too many steps and passing possible fish because you are moving to fast through the run?

Is there a perfect speed that you can fish and cover all of the water effectively in all water conditions?

I want to share a link that sheds light on this question.

Here is a link for an interview I did with Jack Mitchell who talked about covering more or less water based on the clarity of the river.

Check out this episode at the 30:15 mark to hear Jack explain how he moves through a run.

Listen here ===>>  Interview with Jack Mitchell on Stepping through a run

jack mitchell


How fast should I step through a steelhead run

  • Jack’s rule of thumb is that if there is 2 feet of visibility, then take 2-3 steps downstream between each cast.
  • If you have 3 feet of visibility, take 3-4 steps.
  • If you have 4-5 feet of visibility, take 4-5 big steps between each cast and swing.


Remember this little rule of thumb next time you are stepping through a run to increase your efficiency. Maybe you will get to swing through one more run next time you are on the river.

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