That question pretty much sums up what our new product is all about.

A way to help you discover fly tying or to just make it easier to tie more flies.

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We are all crazy busy these days and finding time to figure out where to get your fly tying materials can be a hassle.

Especially for someone just getting into fly tying!

We’ve solved this problem with the Fly Tying Mentor Fly Tying Box delivered to your doorstep each month.  You’ll get a new fly and all of the materials to tie that fly each month.

Are you completely new to fly tying?

No idea where to start?

We also include a free online video training course to help you tie your first 6 flies this month.

Need group support?

We have private group of fly tyers from all over who will help guide you through any rough times.

This is the ultimate fly tying package that will help you get started today.

You can join the beta launch group by clicking the link below:

Click Here ===> Join the Beta Group Here

(we are only accepting 50 people into this group for the launch)

You can click here and send me an email anytime if you have questions!