Have you ever struggled to fish a dry fly? Today we have Jason Randall back on to break down dry fly fishing, the perfect dry dropper leader setup, and how to fish it.

Jason shares three invaluable tips, from his unique leader rigging with a tippet ring to the nuanced technique of twitching your fly. We’ll also talk about the common pitfalls in energy transfer during casting.

Tune in as we delve into the details, including the best knots for leaders, and discover the upcoming Texas Fly Fishing and Brew Festival.

Show Notes with Jason Randall on Dry Fly Fishing Mastery. Hit play below! 👇🏻



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dry fly

Episode Chapters with Jason Randall on Dry Fly Fishing Mastery

02:59 – Since our episode with Jason in April 2019, Jason has been actively involved in the fly fishing scene. He released his new book “Nymph Masters: Fly-Fishing Secrets from Expert Anglers.”

After the release of his book, he focused on refining dry fly techniques and dedicated the past three years to developing leaders that allow the best drag-free drift.

Photo via https://www.amazon.com/Nymph-Masters-Fly-Fishing-Secrets-Anglers/dp/0811716791

7:33 – An efficient leader is important for achieving the perfect dead drift in dry fly fishing. Using a well-designed, energy-efficient leader can help maintain better control, minimize tangles, and achieve an elegant cast.

11:05 – Jason talks about choosing the right casting angle and the effectiveness of downstream presentations for managing challenging currents and maximizing the drift.

dry fly


13:28 – Jason shares techniques for animating dry flies. He explains the rigging adjustments and movements that make a standard cast into a compelling lure for trout.

Dry Fly Fishing the Driftless Area 

16:06 – We discuss the unique charm and technical challenges of the Driftless Area. We explore the diverse hatches and seasons that make the area a dynamic and rewarding destination for anglers.

19:00 – Jason describes his innovative dry fly leader. He uses a three or four-weight rod for spring creeks, and he refers to the upper 10 feet of his leader as the “standing section.”

The wear section, experiencing more frequent changes, is adjusted daily based on fly changes and conditions. He notes its collaborative development with fellow anglers Devin Olsen, Ed Engle, and AK Best.

dry fly

37:06 – It is important to mend early and frequently, especially on larger bodies of water. He advises breaking surface tension by snapping the line in a spiral fashion to prevent unwanted sounds and disturbance to the fly.

55:00 – We talk about the Texas Fly Fishing and Brew Festival. His favorite beverage is the Moscow Mule. Jason enjoys connecting with fellow anglers and learning from them at the shows.

1:02:00 – Three key takeaways for dry dropper fishing:

  • Practice and hone your casts and techniques at home.
  • Approach river outings with a focus on improvement and learning rather than just catching fish.
  • Preparation is important.

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Read the Full Podcast Transcript Below

dry fly

Conclusion with Jason Randall on Dry Fly Fishing Mastery

We’ve journeyed through the intricacies of dry fly fishing with the wonderful Jason Randall. Now, armed with Jason’s tips and a newfound understanding, go out there, cast with confidence, and let the river unfold its stories for you. Happy fishing!