Have you been interested in getting into Euro Nymphing or maybe improving your current skills? Would you like to find out how to rig the same leader that took home the gold at the world championship this year?

You’re in luck because we have Pete Erickson back on the show to break down the rig and shed light on a new Euro Nymphing Giveaway happening this year. You’ll also find out when you might need a micro leader and some tips on casting it.

Show Notes with Pete Erickson on Euro Nymphing Giveaway. Hit play below! 👇🏻



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Euro Nymphing Giveaway

Episode Chapters with Pete Erickson on Euro Nymphing Giveaway

We just launched a huge giveaway to win a trip to the Euro Clinic with Pete on the Wood River.

Click Here for a Chance to Win the Trip and all the Gear!

Click Here to Learn More about the Euro Clinic and Save Your Spot!

02:00 – Pete Erickson talks about his experience at the Masters World Championships. His team narrowly missed winning the team gold by a centimeter of a fish, but Pete was able to achieve a personal milestone by winning the individual world championship.

Euro Nymphing Giveaway

05:00 – We talked about the Euro School trip we had last year with Pete. This year’s Euro Clinic is going to be at the Wood River in Sun Valley.

07:32 – Pete walks us through what to expect on the first day of the clinic, including discussing the history of Euro nymphing, going over gear and leaders, and assessing the participants.


Visit https://wetflyswing.com/euroclinic to get a spot at this year’s Euro Clinic.

Euro Nymphing Giveaway

11:00 – Pete explains the benefits of attending the clinic compared to a guided fishing trip. The clinic allows for more instructional and educational opportunities, taking the pressure off catching fish and focusing on learning and improving techniques.

13:20 – Participants in the clinic will also receive a special bonus: exclusive access to the Euronymphing Webinar Course.

Free Euro Nymphing Webinar with Pete Erickson

Euro Nymphing Leaders

13:50 – Pete Erickson discusses the different types of leaders used in European nymphing and emphasizes the importance of choosing a leader based on personal preference and specific fishing conditions.

16:20 – Pete Erickson highlights his preferred leader setup, focusing on his go-to “stealth comp micro leader” for Euro nymphing.

23:00 – The Shadow X is a rod developed in collaboration with Pete Erickson and Echo’s Tim Rajeff. We had Tim and his crew on the podcast in Episode 483.

33:07 – We discuss the significance of the Wood River and its association with Ernest Hemingway. The Wood River is a popular destination for fly fishing in the Sun Valley area.

44:37 – Fall is the ideal time to fish the Wood River due to easier access and beautiful weather. Pete also mentioned the unpredictability of spring water levels.

Fly Shop Shoutout

55:52 – Pete tells us about Silver Creek Outfitters, a fly shop located in Ketchum. He describes it as an amazing store with a giant hunting section and incredible apparel. The guide crew is highly skilled and easy to get along with, and the location is convenient for visitors from nearby areas.

Photo via https://www.facebook.com/silvercreekoutfitters

You can find Pete on Instagram @Pete_Erickson_FlyFishing.

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Conclusion with Pete Erickson on Euro Nymphing Giveaway

In this episode, Pete Erickson spills the secrets to Euro nymphing success, breaking down the rig that secured gold at the World Championship. With the launch of a Euro Clinic giveaway, listeners have a chance to join Pete on the Wood River and elevate their nymphing skills.