Brian Chan is on the show today to share his story and some huge tips on fly fishing trout lakes.  We find out how he ended up with a tech. Job that got his foot in the door.  We also find out how Kamloops has changed since my dad started fishing the area in the 1960’s.

Brian is a Stillwater guru and has been teaching and sharing his wisdom for many years now.  He started in Kamloops in 1974.  We find out what fishing naked is about and when you’ll want to implement the slow hand twitch retrieve.


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fly fishing trout lakes
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Show Notes with Brian Chan

09:10 – Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC turned into a good thing for the lakes of BC and is a good place to start your trip

17:07 – Stillwater BC Facebook group is a great resource to dig in further.

18:40 – The Casting Loops Fly Shop in the valley view area of Kamloops,

29:40 – Phil Rowley was on in episode 34 as well as Denny Rickards

fly fishing trout lakes


51:20 – to find stocking rates so you can identify a quality lakes.   Make not of the lakes that are stocked very lightly with triploid trout.

52:44 – Morris and Chan and their Fly Fishing Trout Lakes book.


57:30 – The quick release indicator and

1:00:40 – Jack Shaw had two huge books in the 1970’s. Jack Shaw is the guy who pioneered chironomid fishing and was Brian’s big mentor.

Fly Fishing trout lakes


1:01:40 – Jordan Oelrich is a great angler with online courses associated with Phil Rowley.

1:02:07 – in kamloops is another good resources.

57:30 – The Blob pattern from the uk via Fly Fish Food.

1:12:30 – Denny Rickards was on the podcast in episode 64 and broke down his best stillwater tips.

1:19:00 – The Stillwater app is a great resource for all anglers.

1:19:45 – Sport Fishing on the Fly TV Show


You can find Brian at

brian chan


Top Tips on Fly Fishing Trout Lakes 

  1. 3 Types of fishing:  indicator, fishing naked, dangling
  2. You must use a double anchor
  3. Carpet on the boat floor to decrease noise
  4. Use fishing regs to find the best 150 lakes
  5. floating, clear camo, type 3, type 6 full sinking lines
  6. Deep water – Use quick release indicator
  7. Start with Leeches and searching patterns first
  8. Look for actively moving fish
  9. Don’t be afraid to go deep with boobies


Resources Noted in the Show

The Orvis Guide to Stillwater Trout Fishing by Phil Rowley

fly fishing trout lakes


Fly Fishing Trout Lakes by Brian Chan



Videos Noted in the Show

Jack Shaw pioneer stillwater


Blob Pattern



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fly fishing trout lakes
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Conclusion with Brian Chan

Brian Chan brings the good stuff today as he breaks down the history of the great Kamloops area and some tips on getting started with your first trip.  We find out how the interior was opened up from the new Canada highway.

Brian walks through the step by step to getting started even if you are brand new to lake fishing and the Kamloops area.  We find out which is the hottest new stillwater book on the market.