I need your help!

I need to determine if there is enough interest in an online steelhead fly tying course that you would pay money for it.

If I get 20 people to click the button below and subscribe expressing interest I will publish this course.


steelhead fly tying
Classic Steelhead Flies

So, what will you get for $30/month?

You get all of the course work in the introduction to fly tying course plus a full 8 month step x step guide to tying all categories of steelhead flies.

Plus, you get fly tying materials to tie all of these flies delivered to your door.

This will be the first post in a series of blog posts that leads up to the launch of a new fly tying course that focuses on steelhead.  The course format will be similar to my introductory course to fly tying which can be found here:  Introduction to Fly Tying.

In the new steelhead fly tying course I will provide step by step fly tying tutorials that walk you through tying each category of steelhead fly.

Along with the course instruction, you’ll get fly tying materials to tie each fly delivered to your door.  So, if you are new to fly tying or just want to avoid the high cost of buying a bunch of materials you’ll want to check out the SFT course.

If you are interested in the course and would like to be updated when it’s available just click on the button below.


I’ll be providing additional blog posts as I move along in the process of developing.  If I don’t get enough feedback and support for this project I’ll look to offering another resource.

So, please click on the button above to show your support and let me know if this is the right track for the next product.

Looking forward to getting started on this project but you have to click the button above to make it a reality.