Today, we’re fly fishing Maine. Bob Romano takes us into the lakes and streams of the Rangeley Lakes Region. He tells us why he has been traveling up to this area for over 40 years. We dig into some of his books, his favorite authors, and talk about his new book, River Flowers – how it came to be and what makes it special. Bob mentions some camps that give access to different streams in Maine and breaks down the seasons there. Plus, we hear about the story of White Nose Pete – a trout who lived a hundred years and had never been caught.


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Fly Fishing Maine Show Notes with Bob Romano

04:30 – The first fly fishing book that Bob read was a Robert Traver book

04:50 – His first fly rod was a Cortland Fiberglass Rod in the 1960s

07:30 – Taylor Streit was recently on the podcast at WFS 313

08:30 – Bob talks about the writers that he looks up to – David Brodigan, Gary Schneider, Tom McGuane, etc.

10:30 – George Daniel was on the podcast at WFS 055

11:00 – Bob tells the story of when he fished the Rangeley Lakes Region in Maine and there were no other anglers and boats

13:40 – We can’t find top fly fishing writers from the Northeast but there’s Top 10 Favorite Fly Fishing Writers from a Google article

14:30 – Bob breaks down Maine fishing – it’s known for its brook trout fishing, smallmouth, and landlocked salmon


15:00 – Randy Spencer is a fly fishing guide in Maine, a writer, and has written a number of books

16:50 – The Rangeley Lakes Region has the largest brook trout in the United States – they measure them in pounds rather than inches

18:15 – Bob talks about Carrie Stevens streamers – her most famous streamer is the grey ghost

fly fishing maine

21:51 – Bob talks about what your itinerary would look like when you go to Maine – drive North, then East if you want to go to Grand Lakes stream, way up North is the Moosehead Region Lake, West is the Rangeley Region – they’re equally distant from Portland

26:40 – One of the best times to fish the Rangeley is the 2nd and 3rd week of May – you have to fish something with a white wing because it works great and imitates the smelt

29:00 – The Black Ghost fly pattern is one of the most used in the Rangeley Lakes

Photo courtesy of

30:15 – John Shewey was on the podcast at WFS 296 – Bob shares a tip to keep the streamer feather straight, don’t use subtle hackle, use Marabou feather

31:00 – From the end of May and the beginning of June, that’s when they use dry flies

34:40 – In the Rangeley Lakes Region, you can get those trophy brook trout in the Magalloway River

42:20 – The Hornberg fly pattern aka meat and potato

fly fishing maine
Photo courtesy of New England Streamers

42:40 – Bob earns a living as an attorney – he lives on 12 acres of land with his wife

44:20 – June is the dry fly season – the 2nd and 3rd week of June is the black fly season. These flies bite and are intense and so is fishing. July is caddis season. Fishing starts to wane in August. Fishing usually ends by the end of September, then starts the hunting season

47:40 – The moose are dying because they’re rubbing off their fur when ticks irritate them – they die of the cold in winter

50:30 – Bob gives 2 reasons why fishing in Maine is great

  1. Rich sporting tradition
  2. You’ll be fishing wild fish

55:20 – Maine is known for its traditional sporting lodges that date back to the 1800s

56:20 – Bosebuck Mountain Camps give access to the Magalloway river systems

fly fishing maine

56:30 – Grant’s Camps give access to Kennebago river

fly fishing maine

56:40 – Lakewood Camps is on the Rapid river

fly fishing maine

58:00 – Brett and Susan Damm runs the Rangeley Region Sports Shop

fly fishing maine

58:55 – Bob tells a story about a guy named Shang Willer who came up with a fable about a fish called White Nose Pete

fly fishing maine fly fishing maine


1:03:15 – Ray Troll was on the podcast at WFS 299

1:04:45 – Bob has a new book called, River Flowers

fly fishing maine

1:05:10 – Elmore Leonard is one of Bob’s favorite authors – Elmore wrote the story that became a movie, Get Shorty


You can Bob on his website at

fly fishing maine


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Read the Full Podcast Transcript Below

Fly Fishing Maine Conclusion with Bob Romano

Bob Romano took us into the lakes and streams of the Rangeley Lakes Region. We found out why he has been traveling up to this area for over 40 years. We dug into some of his books, his favorite authors, and talk about his new book, River Flowers. Bob mentioned some camps that give access to different streams and breaks down the seasons in Maine. We heard about the fable of White Nose Pete.