Dive into the world of bass fishing and fly design with Adam Hudson of Blue Line Flies today on the Swing. We hear about Adam's early days catching bream with Walmart poppers to founding Blue Line Co.
commercial fly tying
Get ready to journey into the enthralling world of fly-tying as we bring you an episode packed with expert insights and personal anecdotes that will surely refine your fly-tying skills and deepen your appreciation for this remarkable sport. Join us as our esteemed guest, Allen, takes us down memory lane, recounting his first encounter with fly fishing, his evolution in the sport, and his unique connection to the legendary Dave Whitlock. Hear about his upcoming teaching stint at the Texas and Virginia fly fishing festivals and his recent endeavors fishing for diverse species from striped bass to smallmouth bass.
smallmouth bass flies
In this episode, learn about Smallmouth Bass Flies with Jake Villwock! Show Notes with Jake Villwock on Smallmouth Bass Flies. Hit play below! 👇🏻 Find the show:  iTunes | Stitcher | Overcast Subscribe on Android Subscribe on Apple Podcasts Subscribe via RSS (Read the Full Transcript at the bottom of this Blog Post)   Sponsors and Podcast Updates   Episode Chapters with Jake Villwock on Smallmouth Bass Flies 1:34 - Jake shares with us his...
Jason Faerman and Justin Fuller of Yakoda Supply return today on the podcast to bring us up to speed on the exciting developments in their Colorado-based company. Delve into their commitment to supporting local craftsmanship and their strategic decision to keep all their products American-made. We'll also learn about some of their amazing products, including the Yakoda Gear Transport and their Convertible Utility Pack.
smittys fly box
Steve Smith, founder of Smitty's Fly Box, joins us today to share the story of how they created one of the best fly-tying box in the world!
renzetti fly tying vise
Lily Renzetti is here to tell you the entire Renzetti fly tying vise story and how they've been setting the standard for the past 50 years. We learn how it all began with an idea to make fly tying easier. We also look at some of their current ambassadors as well as some of the big names who are...
st. joe river
Derek Darst is here to introduce us to the St. Joe River and some of his specialty fly patterns. We explore this lizard fly and some of his other unique flies as we look at his top flies for Idaho. We also learn where to look for Westslope cutthroat trout in his part of the world. Fly Fishing the St....
fly tying techniques
Sara Jo Royalty is here to give some fly tying techniques and take us into her story around sailing and music. We find out whether being a professional golf caddy or a professional fly fishing guide is harder, what's new with her new FFI fly fishing event she got coming up this year, and then she knocks it out...
trout spey fishing
Tim Flagler is back on the Swing to break out some of his magic, focusing on trout spey fishing. With his years of experience and knowledge, Tim discusses the best lines and rods for this style of fishing and how to present the fly to the fish.
snake river fly
Larry Larsen from Snake River Fly is here to break out some good stuff. We got a little inside look into a really cool tailwater fisheries.
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