Tim Cammisa makes a splash in his third appearance and this time, he’s reeling in a boatload of fly fishing travel tips. This episode is your golden ticket to all things travel as Tim spills the secrets on selecting dream destinations, decoding the DIY versus outfitter dilemma, and ensuring you’re not caught fish-less due to travel mishaps

So, grab your waders, secure those reels, and get ready for Tim’s signature blend of angling wisdom and travel tales!

Show Notes with Tim Cammisa on Fly Fishing Travel Tips. Hit play below! 👇🏻



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Fly Fishing Travel Tips

Episode Chapters with Tim Cammisa on Fly Fishing Travel Tips

1:15 – In episodes 25 and 285, we dove into the art of fly tying with Tim. Today, our chat takes a different turn as we explore some fly fishing travel tips.

02:00 – In the last couple of years, Tim Cammisa shifted his YouTube focus from fly tying to diverse fly fishing experiences and travel tips.

His first book, Fly Tying for Everyone, exceeded expectations and his second book is expected to hit shelves around fall 2024.

Tim Cammisa

05:42 – Tim has explored various domestic and international fly-fishing destinations in the past few years. This includes Alaska for king salmon, Florida for snook and tarpon, and frequent trips to Iceland for diverse fishing experiences.

Fly Fishing Travel Tips

Fly Fishing Travel Tips: Selecting a Destination


11:09 – Tim delves into the complexities of timing when planning fly fishing trips and provides insight into the various factors influencing destination selection:

  • Word of Mouth: Recommendations from others who have experienced the destination.
  • Bucket List: Choosing a location based on personal goals or dream fishing experiences.
  • Friend Recommendations: Suggestions from friends who have visited or heard about a particular destination.
  • Media Influence: Influence from sources like fly-fishing magazines or social media.

12:33 – We talk about the allure of Iceland and the challenges of exploring other destinations. Despite invitations from outfitters, he notes the constraints of his schedule as a 6th-grade elementary school teacher.

Fly Fishing Travel Tips

Choosing DIY vs. Outfitter 

18:00 – Tim highlights the pros and cons of DIY and outfitter-guided fly fishing trips, recognizing the puzzle-solving appeal of DIY but acknowledging the challenges in private-water locations like Iceland.

He underscores the advantages of using outfitters, including local knowledge, recommended gear, and the opportunity to learn from experienced guides. Some tips to find the right outfitters are:

  • Doing homework and checking their website
  • Engaging in direct conversations with outfitters
  • Relying on Google reviews
  • Recommendations from experienced anglers
Fly Fishing Travel Tips
Sea run brown trout Fly Fisher Heather Cammisa Photo Credit Tim Cammisa

Preparing for a Trip

25:00 – Tim advises travelers to prepare thoroughly for fishing trips by reviewing regulations, studying maps, exploring culture, and noting recommended sightseeing spots.

Additionally, he advises booking flights ideally six months in advance and recommends building in a bonus day upon arrival for relaxation, sightseeing, and flexibility in case of travel delays.

Fly Fishing Travel Tips

28:00 – Tim offers a comprehensive packing list for fishing trips, and interested individuals can reach out to him via email or the contact form on his website to request the list.

Click Here to Get a Copy of Tim’s Travel Checklist 🔥🔥

29:00 – Tim recommends the Orvis Carry-It-All bag for its capacity to store multiple fly rods and reels.

Fly Fishing Travel Tips

34:00 – Tim recommends booking flights directly with airlines rather than travel search engines to ensure smoother changes if needed. He emphasizes considering travel insurance, especially with the increasing likelihood of flight delays and the potential impact on scheduled fishing days.

40:35 – Tim highlights the convenience of modern technology for fishing trip preparation, mentioning apps like Google Maps, TroutRoutes, and OnWater, which provide valuable information about waterways, take-in, and takeout spots.

53:00 – Tim suggests using your back cast when dealing with strong winds in fly fishing. Additionally, being mindful of the wind’s direction and using it to your advantage can prevent accidental hooking.

54:39 – Tim highlights some essential gear considerations for fly fishing trips. He recommends chest-high waders with a middle zipper for convenience, boots with studs for secure traction, and bringing a giant garbage bag to transport wet gear back.

59:00 – Tim’s ultimate advice for fly fishing trips centers around enjoying the experience beyond just catching fish.

Horses Battle Hill Iceland, Photo courtesy of Tim Cammisa


Check out Tim’s Packing List Here: Fly Fishing Travel Checklist

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Conclusion with Tim Cammisa on Fly Fishing Travel Tips

So, there you have it, folks! Tim Cammisa spilled the tackle box of wisdom on fly fishing travel tips in this episode. He’s got you covered from choosing your dream fishing spot to battling the wind. Now, all that’s left to do is grab your gear, plan that fishing trip, and maybe, just maybe, catch the fish of a lifetime. Happy fishing!