As the gentle current of the Au Sable River whispered secrets of the perfect cast, our esteemed guest Josh Greenberg, who now owns Gates Au Sable Lodge, joined us to share the intricate dance between angler and stream. From his early days learning the ropes in Ohio’s farm ponds to the revered waters of Michigan, Josh’s journey is a testament to the wonders of fly fishing and its deep-rooted traditions. In our latest episode, we unearth the enchanting world beneath the river’s surface, exploring the complexities of the hex hatch and the delicate balance of conservation. Josh offers a treasure trove of stories, from the thrill of guiding on the Au Sable River to the storied legacy left by Rusty Gates—a name synonymous with dedication and river stewardship.

Show Notes with Josh Greenberg – Au Sable River Fly Fishing. Hit play below! 👇🏻

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Under the cloak of night, we venture into the realm of hex fishing, where the river becomes a stage for the nocturnal ballet of brown trout. With Josh’s guidance, we navigate the nuances of claiming the perfect spot and the subtle art of selecting the right fly, all while maintaining the sacred etiquette of the sport. The conversation meanders through the spirited tales of Fish Camp Lodge and the guiding life, revealing the challenges and triumphs of preserving a legacy while steering it into the future. The narrative is rich with the rustic charm of Michigan’s wilderness and the indomitable spirit of its fishing community.

au sable river
Photo courtesy of Lance Nelson

As we cast our gaze towards the horizon, the ripples of the Au Sable carry whispers of anticipation for what 2024 holds for fly fishing. Josh reflects on the evolving landscape of the sport, emphasizing the importance of attracting new anglers and the joy of discovering quieter waterways. We conclude our angling odyssey with an invitation to listeners to experience the magic of the Au Sable, whether through the pages of a fly fishing journal or the grip of a rod in hand. The stories shared serve as a beacon for all who seek the solace of streams and the companionship of fellow anglers in the shared pursuit of the perfect catch.

Episode Chapters – Au Sable River Fly Fishing

(0:00:05) – Fly Fishing the Au Sable River in Michigan
Nature’s allure and intricacies of Michigan’s fly fishing scene, including the Au Sable River and Gates Lodge, and experiences fishing across the US.

(0:14:28) – Rusty Gates and the Hex Hatch
Nature’s legacy of Rusty Gates, his impact on fishing communities, and the physical toll of peak season.

au sable river

(0:25:52) – Promoting Fly Fishing on Ausable River
Quiet atmosphere, boat launch restrictions, Rusty’s influence, ecological challenges, Hexagenia hatch timing in Au Sauble River.

(0:30:42) – Night Fishing for Hexes
Nature’s night fishing for brown trout in Michigan, claiming spots without conflict, behavior of brown trout, and targeting big fish.

au sable river

(0:42:00) – Fish Camp Lodge and Guiding Business
Transitioning to owning a fly-fishing lodge, adapting to modern era, and anticipation of fishing for brown trout during hex hatch in Michigan.

au sable river

au sable river


(0:51:50) – Fishing and Hunting in Michigan Rivers
Nature’s seasonal fly fishing and wildlife trends, diverse experiences on the Au Sable River, its destination in Lake Huron, and appeal to anglers and bird hunters.

au sable river

(1:04:33) – Au Sable River Fly Fishing Opportunities
Nature’s versatility on the Au Sable River allows for a range of fishing techniques, including dry fly, mousing, and sight nymphing.

(1:09:14) – Looking Forward to 2024 and Fishing
Nature’s evolving landscape of fly fishing, attracting new anglers, and sustaining industry while appreciating quieter rivers.

au sable river

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Conclusion – Au Sable River Fly Fishing

In the embrace of the Au Sable River, our exploration of fly fishing with guest Josh Greenberg unfolds like a well-tied fly. From whispered river secrets to the nocturnal ballet of hex fishing, the journey reveals the delicate dance between angler and stream. Josh’s tales, from Ohio farm ponds to Michigan’s revered waters, echo the legacy of Rusty Gates and the balance of conservation. As night falls, we delve into hex fishing, exploring Fish Camp Lodge and the guiding life. Looking to 2024, Josh reflects on the evolving fly fishing landscape, emphasizing attracting new anglers and discovering quieter waterways. These tales serve as a beacon for those seeking solace in streams and companionship in the pursuit of the perfect catch, inviting listeners to experience the magic of the Au Sable, be it through a fly fishing journal or the grip of a rod in hand.