I demonstrate in this video how to tie a Signal Light steelhead Pattern.  This fly is tied sparsely and is perfect for summer steelhead or anytime you need a tiny fly.  Another great fly in Randall Kaufmann’s railroad themed flies.   The Freight Train is another great steelhead pattern from Kaufmann.

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Material List for the Signal Light

  • Tail:  no tail
  • Body:  rear 1/4 orange, rear 1/4 chartruse/yellow, thorax black chenille or dubbing
  • Rib:  Silver medium oval tinsel
  • Hackle:  Black
  • Underwing:  Black Krystal Flash
  • Wind:  Black Calf Tail
  • Hook:  Mustad 36890

signal light


The Signal Light was tied with yellow yarn for the rear body, but chartruse might work even better.  Keep the rear part of the body thin and build up the front part of the body (thorax).  This pattern is tied very sparsely and is an effective dressing for summer steelhead.  Click on the button below to get more tips on fly tying and fishing for steelhead.