FisheWear founder, Linda Leary, shares how she came up with the idea to create women’s fishing wear after she found herself wearing baggy men’s clothing while fishing. Linda tells the story of how she used to run a trucking business in Alaska for 30 years – sold the business, started working in the telecom industry, then later decided to go all-in with FisheWear. 

Find out FisheWear’s top sellers – how these gear and clothing help women perform better outdoors while still feeling comfortable (and confident), and how the XtraTuf boot looks great both inside and out. Linda also shares her upcoming plans for this year with the FisheWear team that we should be excited about!


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FisheWear Show Notes with Linda Leary

2:48 – Dave bought a Kaleido King Trucker hat at the their booth at IFTD in Denver


09:32 – Linda was in the trucking business for 30 years

10:45 – Over 50% of their clients are guys, buying stuff for the women in their lives

14:14 – They designed a sling bag in collaboration with Orvis


14:22 – FisheWear sell Orvis waders


14:44 – The brand Groove makes silicone rings and started in Alaska – Fishewear just came up with watch bands 

16:35 – Their top sellers are its leggings and bags


17:24 – XtraTufs Groovy Grayling Legacy Boots


21:10 – Linda is hosting a trip to Andros South for bonefishing in February – and some more trips this year with the ladies

22:20 – We did an episode about Yellowstone fly fishing with Bruce Staples at WFS 269 

22:22 – Also Henry’s Fork fly fishing with Mike Lawson at WFS 190

24:08 – The Ankle Deck Boot


24:15 – The Sharkbyte Slip-On


29:26 – The team and their roles


30:19 – is also a women’s fly fishing gear shop

30:31 – Jen Ripple has some good stuff going with the Dun Magazine

30:53 – FisheWear does collabs with April Archer from Sarabella

31:37 – Heather Hodson is an ambassador for FisheWear – Heather was also on the podcast at WFS 044

32:56 – Ambassadors for FisheWear

34:27 – Linda gives us some business tips

40:11 – Patagonia is leading the way in conservation stuff

42:56 – FisheWear is on Tiktok making funny vids

43:37 – Linda and the team plan to do a podcast soon

44:13 – This year, they will be in Denver for a fly fishing show, Pleasanton California, and at the IFTD – check out their website for updates

47:24 – Most people haven’t caught a Grayling yet – this is one of Linda’s favorite fish and trips each year


51:09 – They don’t sell fly lines, reels, and fly tying materials

51:41 – FishWear offers trips and classes

52:56 – She Podcasts is for women who want to get into podcasting


Follow them on Instagram @fishewear and Tiktok @fishewear

Check out their website too at



Resources Noted in the Show

The Product Boss Podcast 


Videos Noted in the Show


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FisheWear Conclusion with Linda Leary

FisheWear founder, Linda Leary, realized the need for women’s fishing wear and decided to create women’s wear for fishing and outdoor. Linda used to run a trucking business in Alaska for 30 years, worked in the telecom industry, then later went all-in with FisheWear. Now Linda is having the best years of her life – fishing wherever and whenever she wants!