I had Skip Morris on the show to talk about trout fishing, fly tying the Lochsa River and a bunch of tips to improved your game.  We talk about a powerful womens movement in fly fishing and hear about Skip’s background publishing 18 fly tying and fishing books.

Skip talks about his biggest influences and some great stories from Alaska, bears and a whale that almost took him down.


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Show Notes with Skip Morris

04:25 – American Sportsman was a big influence for Skip early one.

08:55 – Here is the Jim Teeny Episode of the podcast.

13:30 – Skip discusses the Lochsa River in Idaho and how he catches West Slope Cutthroat Trout.

15:25 – Here’s a pic of West Slope Cutthroat

22:25 – Tactics for Trout, and Seasons for Trout plus The Survival Guide for Beginning Fly Anglers were some of Skip’s best books for trout.

23:05 – Skip is working on a book with Chan on lakes.  Here is a previous book that Skip and Brian put together:  Fly Fishing Trout Lakes 

24:15 – The first 10 years he had a custom rod business.

26:15 – Russ Peak was a big influence early on especially because of his experience with fly rods.

29:25 – Here is the link to the interview with Davy Wotton that I had.

38:00 – The fly proportion chart is no longer available but was a handy tool.

41:35 – Roderick Haig Brown and A River Never Sleeps is one of the greatest fishing books of all time.


55:45 – Skip noted Predicted Log Racing and wanted to provide a link since I was curious.  Find out what Predicted Log Racing is here.

59:35 – A link to Skip’s fly tying book:  Fly Tying Made Clear and Simple.

1:00:10 – Here is a link to my online fly tying course I noted in the episode, The Fly Tying Mentor.

1:05:05 – The Morris May Fly Pattern and the Hackled Skips Promise are two of his favorites.

1:06:00 – Here is the article noted in Mid Current online on the best dry flies.

1:08:05 – Fly Tying Lakes on June 24th in Hamilton Mt.


You can connect with Skip at Skip-morris-fly-tying.com if you have any questions or want to find links to his other books.


skip morris fly tying




skip morris


Conclusion with Skip Morris

Skip Morris has a wealth of knowledge in fly fishing and especially if you are new to fly tying or fly fishing.  Click on the links above in the show notes to find out more about all of Skip’s books and videos.

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