In todays video I demonstrate how to tie one of the easiest and most effective flies for any fish species, the Teeny Nymph.  I tie a trout fly style nymph on a size #12 hook with natural pheasant tail for the material.

Click here to see how to tie the Teeny Nymph:

This has got to be one of the most basic flies to tie when it comes to materials.  Grab a little pheasant tail and you are good to go!

Hook:  Daichii #1710 Size #12

Thread:  Uni thread

Body:  Pheasant Tail


The beauty of this fly is the simplicity of it.  It’s also buggy and sparse, two of the features I love in most of my flies.  You can reach Jim at for any questions or to pick up some flies.

There are a bunch of other variations of the teeny nymph so feel free to expirment with different sizes and clors.

If you have any questions or need additional help check out the fore more personalized instruction.

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