In todays fly tying video I show you how to tie a classic wet fly, the Picket Pin.  Click on the link below to watch the video on tying the picket pin.

I also provide a link below to the material list and a great article on the history of this great fly.  I received a message from Colin who thought this would be a great pattern to tie and I think he was correct!


Click here to watch the Picket Pin video:


Picket Pin Material List

Thread:  Size 70 Ultra Thread black

Hook:  Daiichi #1710 size 12

Tail:  Brown Hackle

Body:  Peacock

Body Hackle: Brown

Rib:  Small Copper Wire

Wing:  Squirrel Tail

Front Collar:  Peacock


This post gives some great background on the Picket Pin Pattern.  The fly was named after what they used to call a gopher, a picket pin, because they were standing up straight in the field.

The fly has since moved from gopher material over to mainly squirrel for the wing and tail.  In this fly pattern I use brown hackle for the tail.

As the article notes, it is also a great panfish pattern so if you have kids this would be a great one to utilize.

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