In this podcast learn about Henry’s Lake Foundation with Damon Keen!

Show Notes with Damon Keen on Henry’s Lake Foundation. Hit play below! 👇🏻

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Episode Chapters with Damon Keen on Henry’s Lake Foundation

(0:00:05) – Conservation Efforts at Henry’s Lake
Works to protect Henry’s Lake, the largest in the Henry’s Fork basin, monitoring water temperature, water levels, and fish populations.

(0:13:23) – Fishing Lakes and Their History
Henry’s Lake, its history, the dam, and the Henry’s Lake Foundation are discussed.

(0:16:44) – Henry’s Lake
Henry’s Lake Foundation works with landowners to improve fisheries, manage water trades and rights, and meet current water demands.

(0:22:59) – Henry’s Lake Foundation
The Henry’s Lake Foundation works to restore the lake and its fisheries, funded by donations and memberships, enabling anglers to enjoy it.

(0:34:35) – Fishing Recommendations for Henry’s Lake
We discuss conservation groups, resources, fish, and techniques for fishing in Henry’s Lake.

(0:42:11) – Henry’s Lake Fishing and Conservation Updates
Fly fishing at Henry’s Lake, Nature Conservancy’s acquisitions, shoreline restoration projects, and Atlantic salmon fishing discussed.

(0:54:14) – Funding for Conservation and Restaurant Recommendations
We discuss improving Henry’s Lake fisheries, changes in ownership of properties, and efforts to protect the lake.

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henry's lake

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Conclusion on Henry’s Lake Foundation

In this podcast learn about Henry’s Lake Foundation with Damon Keen!