I sat down with Jason Costello from Canyon Coolers to hear how he turned an upside-down cooler business into one of the big leaders in Rotational Moulded coolers.  Canyon Coolers has a no-fault lifetime warranty regardless of what happens.

We find out why the rope handle, latches, and boating-focused cooler features have made them a leader out west.  Features like recessed latch, bear approval, and other great river features are huge for the fly fishing community.


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Canyon Coolers Show Notes with Jason Costello

01:30 – Jason took over Galaxy Coolers and turned it into a business

03:00 – I noted the grand Canyon podcast and Pete McBride episode 166. Pete talked about Martin Linton and the amazing story of the dories.

11:20 – Here’s some info on Rota Moulding.

12:38 – Driving over the coolers video I couldn’t find but here is the bear video.


15:00 – The Outfitter 55L cooler is their most popular but the 35 quart is good as well if you don’t need as much room for beer and food.

18:00 – The prospector or navigator are best for big rafting trips


24:30 – The Grand Canyon 3 week ice chest test

27:15 –  The Ice Academy is a great resource if you want to get some cooler tips.


37:44 – TPE is a new product for there soft coolers

39:00 – The Rota Moulded kitchen box will be out very soon.

43:50 – Here is a video that compares ice savings and coolers

45:00 – There festival similar to the Fat Tire Festival


You can find Jason at CanyonCoolers.com

canyon coolers

Top Cooler Tips on saving ice

  1. Find Clear ice which lasts longer
  2. 55 quarts is 55 beers with ice
  3. drinks in one cooler and food in another
  4. Cool all beers and food first
  5. See the ice academy
  6. Reach out on Instagram
  7. Ice in cooler day before as sacrificial
  8. Open the Cooler lid less often
  9. Fill cooler to top with ice
  10. Take plastic off ice bags so they mold together



Canyon Coolers Resources Noted in the Show

7 Tips to get the most out of your cooler! (and a few bonus ideas)


Videos Noted in the Show

David Grohl and the Foo Fighters


And here’s Dave Grohl playing drums with Nirvana


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canyon coolers
photo via: https://azdailysun.com/business/local/canyon-coolers-keeping-it-cool-in-flagstaff/article_77208a30-ce97-5fec-912b-ed78d3d0e1a5.html

Canyon Coolers Conclusion with Jason Costello

We hear the Canyon Coolers story and how Jason Costello purchased and moved a failing cooler company into one of the leaders in the space with a focus on rivers and boating.  Jason shares the features that sets them apart and what they have coming new for 2022.