Matt Shilling, Executive Director of Indifly, is here to enlighten us about their mission.
Indifly is a nonprofit organization that helps local indigenous communities establish a fly fishing and ecotourism business for sustainable livelihoods and conservation.
They bring attention to some of the world’s most pristine yet at-risk fisheries, transforming these areas into sustainable, world-class fishing destinations.
Find out how they use fly fishing as a tool to transform the lives of Indigenous People and protect their valued homelands.


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Indifly Show Notes with Matt Shilling

04:44 – Oliver White was on the podcast in episode 69 and covered bonefish tips and tricks with a focus on the Bahamas.

04:45 – They started Indifly in 2014. It’s a project that was led by Costa Sunglasses.

08:00 – Matt noted Arapaima and the first Indifly Project. We talked about Arapaima fishing in Ecuador at episode 249 with Javier Guevara.

09:00 – Indifly help indigenous communities protect their pristine places and own fly fishing and ecotourism business – these are 100% community owned business, creating jobs for the local people, economical benefits, and incentives for the protection of their homeland

14:55 – Matt talks about the atoll called, Anaa

sustainable fishing


23:30 – They partnered with Eastern Shoshone and Northern Arapaho of the Wind River Reservation Wyoming – 2.3 million acres of largely untouched beauty


40:00 – Supaman has a great message to share for the native indigenous communities within the US.  You can find Supaman on Instagram here.

50:30 – Wind River Fish, Game website, and Darren Calhoun for guiding information.  

big wind river

56:25 – Becoming Jacques Cousteau via National Geographic.

57:50 – The Ocearch shark research site has a history of projects on Shark work here.

59:26 – REWA is the first hugely successful project for Indifly and a great example of the power of Indifly.


You can find Indifly on Instagram at @indiflyfoundation

Website at




Indifly Resources Noted in the Show

The Wind River Fish and Game

wind river fish and game

Costa’s Indifly Project


Videos Noted in the Show

Supaman – Why

Jacques Cousteau Movies


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Indifly Conclusion with Matt Shilling

Matt Shilling takes on a journey with Indifly giving local indiginous people the ability to run their own guiding businesses focused on key areas around the world. Leave a comment below or connect with us on your podcast app of choice and listen to the full show.