montana fly company
In this episode, we delve into Montana Fly Company, exploring its rich journey, innovative products, and remarkable fly patterns, with a particular focus on their renowned boat box and the sparkle minnow. We also dig into their fly patterns, which are renowned for their effectiveness and attention to detail. He discussed the meticulous process of designing and producing these patterns, as well...
skwala fishing
Hey there, fellow anglers! We had the pleasure of chatting with Kevin Sloan, the mastermind behind Skwala Fishing, and we can't wait to tell you all about it. In this episode, we delved into the technology and materials used in their amazing products, from their toasty thermo hoody to their cozy puff jackets and durable waders. Kevin had so much...
renzetti fly tying vise
Lily Renzetti is here to tell you the entire Renzetti fly tying vise story and how they've been setting the standard for the past 50 years. We learn how it all began with an idea to make fly tying easier. We also look at some of their current ambassadors as well as some of the big names who are...
forged fly fishing
Richard Wilby, the man behind Forged Fly Fishing, shares his journey of creating a fly reel company and a fishing gear company simultaneously. He shares his lineup of reels, what it's like living in Merritt BC, and the rich stillwaters of the area around this part of the world. We also find out which is the perfect stillwater reel. Forged Fly...
Mystic Outdoors Jeff Brady
Show Notes: Sponsors: Waters West, Country Financial, Ranger Chota, Togens
bike packing
Morgan Misek is here today to take us into bike packing and some of the new product lines at Trxstle this year. We find out how the Geryon Universal Bike Packing system came to be, how he co-founded Trxstle, and what's on the horizon for the company.
chota outdoor gear
Mark Brown and Caleb Luzader are here to break down the Chota Outdoor Gear story and some of the unique products they have in their line. Mark takes us into the history of Chota products. We find out how the waders and hippies came to be and what they are all about. We also get the lowdown on who the...
umpqua flies
Brent Bauer of Umpqua Feather Merchants is here to talk about the top Umpqua flies and products they have in their line. We hear about how a fly makes it through the Umpqua cut list, the process, some funny stories, and some of their most popular flies. A man who has been at Umpqua since back in the day, here...
Costa Del Mar Conservation
Joe Gugino of Costa Del Mar takes us into the conservation work they've been focusing on to protect the species we love. We find out where Joe's passion for striped bass comes from, what the American Saltwater Guides Association has going on right now, and how Planet Purpose Solutions is helping Costa fulfill their vision in conservation. Taking the glare off...
Ultralight Backpacking Gear
Grant Breidenbach walks us through the gear and steps to going ultralight on your next backpacking trip.
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