Nick Torres is on the podcast to share the story of how Waterworks Lamson Fly Reels came to make one of the best and lightest machined reels in the world.  We also find out about the big Belize trip that he recently put together.

Lamson produced one of the first large arbor reels on the market.   We get the rundown on the lineup and what is new for Lamson in 2021.

You can join the Giveaway for the Blue Horizon $8000 prize package for a trip for two.  The giveaway ends May 21st so click here to enter.


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Show Notes Nick Torres

09:30 – The Ketchum release tool was the first product from Waterworks and is still a great product.

10:40 – Charles Lamson sold the company to Sage and then Waterworks picked it up at a later point.

15:40 – Cheeky’s Peter Vandergrift was on the podcast in episode 199 here. 

18:10 – The Cobalt rods have been great for salt water.

19:50 – Blue Horizon was the big trip for the Giveaway with Nick and the crew.

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24:10 – Lincoln Wesby is a huge figure at Blue Horizon.  Here’s a Fiberglass Manifesto article that talks about Lincoln.  

28:45 – Lori Ann Murphy was on the podcast in episode 195 and talked about Belize, what you need to do a trip on your own

37:45 – The Bauer Shrimp and other crap flies


42:20 – I noted the Jake Jordan Podcast who broke down the steps to getting started with Billfish and blue marlin.



You can find Nick at

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The Waterworks Lamson Fly Reels

  1. The Liquid Reel ($99) – Cast Aluminum
  2. Remix Hybrid – Fully machined case
  3. Guru S Series – US-made reel ($250) -Best pick
  4. Speedster – Lighter, stronger
  5. Lite Speed M Fly Reel
  6. Lite Speed F Fly Reel (Whiskey is good looking)
  7. Force Reel – Great Dry Fly Reel
  8. The Cobalt Reel



lamson reels


Resources Noted in the Show

AxisGo over-under underwater case



Videos Noted in the Show

Lincoln at Blue Horizon


Read the Entire Nick Torres Transcript Below 


Waterworks Lamson Fly Reels Conclusion with my guest

Nick Torres is on the podcast to share the Lamson story and what they have coming up this year.  We also talk about the $8000 Belize giveaway they have going.  Nick also shares a few good tips and flies for your next permit trip




  1. Love your podcast! I’m a fellow Oregonian from woodburn. I wanted to see if maybe you had a episode about looking for new waters to fish or maybe talking about the oregon fishery. I’m sure you have a episode already and maybe you can send me the link. Thank you for your time and knowledge. Hopefully I can catch you at the river, tight lines.

    • Thanks Emilio, great to hear you enjoy the show. The Tuesday episode is a very good on on the Deschutes. I’ll send you an update when it’s live. What species are you most interested in?

  2. In this engaging podcast episode, Nick Torres delves into the fascinating journey of Waterworks Lamson Fly Reels, creators of exceptional lightweight machined reels. Learn about their pioneering role in introducing large arbor reels and get insights into their 2021 lineup. The Belize trip Nick organized adds a touch of adventure. Plus, the chance to win an $8000 prize package for a dream trip for two is a remarkable offer. Tune in to discover more about their innovative products and the people behind the scenes.