Lori-Ann Murphy shares the story of how she moved from a career in nursing over to guiding full time and then to Belize Fly Fishing.  She chose a life of traveling over the status quo.  We talk about bonefish, permit and tarpon today and how you can put together a trip this year.

We find out why Lori-Ann has Lee Wulff’s boxer shorts (given to from Joann) and why Lefty got in a fistfight with the old boys back in the day over casting.  This is a fun one today so hope you enjoy!

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belize fly fishing
photo via: https://dunmagazine.com/posts/hanging-with-lori-ann-murphy

Belize Fly Fishing Show Notes with Lori-Ann Murphy

13:30 – Bonefish tarpon trust is a group doing some great work to monitor and protect fish species in Belize.

26:00 – We talked about Lincoln and the face of Belize Fly Fishing

33:50 – Sweetwater Travel were on the podcast in episode 105.

36:30 – Lori-Ann just signed up with Temple Fork Outfitters.  Rick Pope, the founder was on the podcast in episode 158.  

46:00 – Cayo Frances Farm and Fly along with boat sup’s are two good resource for Belize.

cayo frances farm and fly


52:30 – Lori-Ann talked about the trips on tap for the year including the steelhead trip with Mia Sheppard who was on the podcast in episode 76 with Marty.


52:50 – United Woman on the Fly and their lead Heather Hodson was on the podcast in episode 44 here.

Jen Ripple from the Dun Magazine was on in episode 60 as well as Joann Wulff in episode 100.  

1:04:20 – Rachel Finn was on the podcast in episode 72 and was a very polarizing episode.  It was one of my favorites because of Rachel’s personality.

1:06:00 – The Hungry Trout is the shop that Rachel Finn worked at that Lori noted today.

hungry trout


1:07:50 – Rick Pope was on the podcast in episode 158. 




You can find Lori-Ann at Reel Woman Fly Fishing and Reel Belize.


Top Tips for Belize Fly Fishing

  1. Don’t wear ear rings, flashy stuff
  2. Keep a low cast to not spook
  3. First cast for speed, second accuracy to fish
  4. If windy, slow your cast down
  5. Keep rod tip in the water
  6. Keep rod and reel extended away from body
  7. glasses with green lens
  8. Tarpon leader with 40lb shock
  9. Gotchas, rice and beans in size #8 and #4 permit
  10. Change the speed of your haul (Lefty tip)
  11. Belize Tourism Board for Covid info


Resources Noted in the Show

Passion for Tarpon by Andy Mills

passion for tarpon


Videos Noted in the Show

Belize Buffet – Tarpon and Permit Fly Fishing!


Belize Fly Fishing | Tom Rosenbauer


belize fly fishing

Conclusion with Lori-ann Murphy

Lori-Ann Murphy is on the podcast to share the life of Belize fly fishing and what you need to know before heading south.  We find out how she transitioned from trout fishing in Montana over to Belize and beyond.

Lori also shares some beginner tips if it’s your first time in Belize.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that as you read this all things covid have come together to allow myself and our team to travel to Belize for my biggest tropical trip ever.