Christian Bacasa is on the podcast to share the story behind creating Dupeafish and how he came to also own the Fly Fishing Insider Podcast.  We also dig into a bunch of great tips on planning your next DIY fly fishing trip.

We find out how Christian is running a podcast, a travel company, a day job, just sold a house and everything else plus he has a family.  Click below and listen to the intro to get a feel for the show!


Click below and listen the DIY Fly Fishing Trip Podcast with Christian Bacasa:

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Fly Fishing Trip Show Notes with Christian Bacasa

07:40 – Dupeafish is one of Christian’s fly fishing brands where he is not focusing on building helping

17:00 – Christian now runs the Fly Fishing Insider Podcast.  I was on the show in this episode.  

17:20 – I noted the Barbless Podcast and the changes there since their producer left the show a big change.

21:30 – Katmai Trophy Lodge and All Alaska Outdoors are two recent lodges that Christian has visited recently.

22:0 – James Johnson who runs Katmai Lodge was on the podcast in episode 106 and Dry Fly john dug into swiniging flies for trout and is a head guide at Katmai.

28:40 – Dally’s fly shop does a great job and is highlighted as a great resource.


30:40 – John Mauser podcast in episode 251 and covered the step x step to catching Redfish on the fly.


You can find Christian at the Fly Fishing Insider Podcast and



DIY Fly Fishing Trip Tips and Finding a Guide

  1. Call lodge/shop and ask about best times
  2. Look for Lodge with great local fishing
  3. Look for a lodge with fly-out opportunities
  4. Check on fly out availability the day before
  5. Get a group and have 1 or 2 people grab a guide
  6. Look for guides that are booked up for the best
  7. Look at instagram page to verify guides
  8. Reach out to instagram tagged customers
  9. Look at their website
  10. Is their boat clean and professional
  11. Are they full time on the job?
  12. Call the guide
  13. Use Social media to message people


Fly Fishing Trip Resources Noted in the Show

All Alaska Outdoors


DIY Fly Fishing Trip Videos Noted in the Show

Redfish in the Marsh with Huge Fly Fisherman


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DIY Fly Fishing Trip Conclusion with Christian Bacasa

Christian Bacasa from Dupe a Fish shares his best tips to help you plan your next DIY Fly Fishing Trip.  Christian also runs the Fly Fishing Insider Podcast and is growing a travel focused website to help plan your trip.

What’s your #1 DIY Bucket List Destination?  Leave a comment below or send a DM on Instagram!