Captain Jake Jordan has been leading the way on saltwater fly fishing and billfish trips for most of our lives.  Jake walks us through the steps to plan and catch your first billfish this year.  Hint:  It’s not as hard as you might think (or as expensive)!

Jake shares the background on his saltwater schools and how to get started and guaranteed a tarpon for $600.  This episode is almost too good to be true so share it with someone you think would love to learn and catch a tarpon or a billfish.


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Show Notes with Capt. Jake Jordan

15:45 – The Sailfish school started in the early 1990s.  Jake specializes in getting everyone into sailfish.

24:20 – Jake noted Rick Pope who was on the podcast here.  TFO helped to get rid of snake guides on billfish rods.

29:10 – Bill Pen had some of the old reels and then Jack Charleton brought in the next great reels.  Jack then started Mako Reels which Jake.



50:00 – The Guatemala trip is the better sailfish to get started with.  They use old wooden boats that have been restored.


1:05:30 – Ed Jaworski’s new book:  The Cast was recommended by Jake.

the cast


1:16:00 – Cam Sigler of Eddy Bower fame designed the first billfish fly.  Here’s an article that covers some of Cam’s life.  Here’s more on Cam Sigler flies.

1:21:38 – Bluewater Fly Fishing is Trey Combs hugely impactful salt water book.

1:22:25 – Sandy Moret is a good resource for salt water.



You can find Jake at

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Resources Noted in the Show

The Cam Sigler


Bluewater Fly Fishing by Trey Combs

bluewater by trey combs



Billfish Videos Noted in the Show

Blue Marlin Video on the Fly



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“Don’t allow him to ever put a bend in your rod after he is hooked.”

-Jake Jordan

jake jordan
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Billfish Conclusion with Jake Jordan

Captain Jake Jordan walks us through the steps to getting out on your first billfish fly fishing trip.  It’s probably easier than you think given that Jake highlights a number of different options to get it done.