Ready to experience the thrill of sight fishing for redfish? Would you like to visit one of the most natural and diverse barrier islands in the world?

We’ve got the Bay Flats Lodge crew on the podcast to share some tips on sight fishing for redfish and what makes this part of the Texas coast so special.

Today you will hear from six of the most passionate guides in Texas and the tips they use to catch redfish by sight. You’ll find out how to cast in the wind and why you need to practice your backcast cast.

Show Notes with Bay Flats Lodge Crew on Sight Fishing For Redfish. Hit play below! 👇🏻



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sight fishing for redfish

Episode Chapters with Bay Flats Lodge Crew on Sight Fishing For Redfish

1:43 – The Bay Flats Lodge specializes in boutique fly fishing experiences, particularly in the unique landscape of the Texas coast, offering access to vast marshlands, creeks, and backcountry areas.

The Guides of Bay Flats Lodge

Capt. Dylan Murley

5:23 – Dylan is from Bastrop, Texas. His journey into guiding was initially sparked by fishing trips with family and friends along the Texas coast.

Transitioning to guiding in South Padre and eventually joining the team in Sea Drift, Dylan emphasizes the diverse and captivating nature of the fishery in this area.

Tip: Dylan emphasizes the importance of polarized sunglasses for spotting fish and advises beginners to focus on looking through the water rather than just at the surface.



Capt. Matt Lough

7:55 – Matt, a native Texan from East Texas, discovered fly fishing at a young age and has been pursuing his passion ever since.

While he initially focused on trout fishing, he transitioned to guiding for redfish about three months ago and has found a deep love for sight fishing.

“I love trout fishing, but once I discovered the redfish game, it’s just something I never want to leave.”


Capt. Tyler Brown

9:20 – Tyler is originally from Kerrville, Texas, where he grew up fishing in the headwaters of the Guadalupe River.

Despite not yet catching a redfish in the Guadalupe River, he expresses interest in doing so, considering it a future goal.




Capt. Dane Scott

10:19 – Dane is originally from Pueblo, Colorado, where he grew up fishing in western Colorado due to his grandfather owning a fly shop.

Six years ago, he made his way to the coast and immediately fell in love with fishing for redfish, eventually becoming a guide in the area for the past four years.




Capt. Mike Gaglianese

11:30 – Mike is originally from upstate New York, specifically Utica, and later moved to Gunnison, Colorado, where he met Dane. They became roommates and began guiding together.

Now in their fourth year on the coast, Mike shares his love for coastal living, enjoying the seasonal split between the coast and the mountains.



Fly Fishing at Bay Flats Lodge 

12:38 – Chris says that the Bay Flats Lodge offers fly fishing opportunities year-round, with no closed season. The unique location, driven by tides and winds, ensures consistent fishing opportunities regardless of the season, with diverse areas protected by mangroves and creeks.

Sight fishing for redfish

14:40 – Tyler explains that while they primarily catch slot-sized redfish ranging from 20 to 28 inches, occasionally they encounter larger fish over 30 inches.

18:48 – One crucial tip Dane offers is to understand the directions given by the guide and to be mindful of the length of the fly rod when estimating distances. Additionally, he recommends using an 8 weight rod for optimal performance in their fishing conditions.

sight fishing for redfish

22:57 – Dylan and Dane discuss the influence of wind on their fishing conditions. While calm periods can be conducive to fishing, excessively glassy water can make fish skittish. They emphasize the importance of adapting to varying wind conditions.

31:38 – Chris discusses the importance of immediate line retrieval upon casting to maintain tension and minimize slack.

He notes that sight fishing allows anglers to observe most takes, particularly in clear water, but acknowledges Dane’s preference for fishing in dirtier water where redfish use camouflage to approach their prey unnoticed.

Choosing the Right Fly for Redfish

37:18 – The crew notes the importance of fly selection based on the fishing conditions, including depth, bottom structure, and the behavior of the fish on a particular day. While hungry redfish may take almost any fly, weight, pattern, and color nuances become crucial considerations.

40:18 – Dane suggests using a bead chain instead of dumbbell eyes. He also likes a mix of natural and synthetic materials in fly tying. He prefers feather flies for their slower sink rate and resistance to water saturation.

sight fishing for redfish

Sight Fishing For Redfish: Casting Tips

45:00 – When casting into strong winds, double hauling and maintaining line speed are crucial. Practice short, accurate shots and be adaptable with rod angles to adjust to wind direction. Additionally, consider utilizing roll casting techniques for effective casting in challenging conditions.

47:00 – Mastering the back cast can be crucial, especially for casting off to the right side of the boat quickly without spooking fish. It’s important to fish the fly, not the fly line, and to practice a slow pickup to avoid spooking fish when recasting.

sight fishing for redfish

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sight fishing for redfish

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sight fishing for redfish

Conclusion with Bay Flats Lodge Crew on Sight Fishing For Redfish

So, there you have it – an epic dive into sight fishing for redfish with the Bay Flats Lodge crew!