Keith Rose-Innes, Director at Alphonse Fishing Company, takes us fishing in the Seychelles – one of the most sought-after fly fishing and ecotourism destinations in the world. Keith shares some tips and tactics for catching giant trevally, bonefish, and permit.

We discover how the atolls were formed and how they are being conserved and protected to keep the poachers away, keep their habitats vibrant, and keep the islands pristine.

Keith also talks about the bar at Alphonse where everyone gathers in the evenings to share stories about their amazing day on the island, and he tells us why 80% of their guests return within a year or two.

Jako Lucas, in a past episode, talked about Seychelles as one of his favorite places on earth, so today we dig more into it and find out why.


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Fishing in the Seychelles Show Notes with Keith Rose-Innes

05:10 – They have rainbows and brown in the streams near Johannesburg where Keith stays

06:10 – Lesotho is a country surrounded by South Africa. They’ve got big rivers there, big trout, and yellowfish.

06:40 – Conservationists in Africa are more focused on animals

08:30 – Keith has been going to Seychelles for 25 years and has been guiding there for about 23 years

09:30 – Keith describes how a volcano eruption formed corals that create the atolls


fishing in the seychelles

12:30 – Over the years, Seychelles has evolved from just fishing to an eco-tourism destination

15:00 – One of the big-draw cards in Seychelles is the Giant Trevally

fishing in the seychelles

17:30 – Permit numbers have gone up in the Pacific

fishing in the seychelles

18:50 – They got a catamaran boat called Quo Vadis

fishing in the seychelles fishing in the seychelles

20:30 – The creation of a new fly called, Alphlexo has increased their takes on permit

fishing in the seychelles
Photo courtesy of Alec Gerbec

23:15 – Keith uses either an 8 or 9 wt rod, not more than 10 wt line, and a 12-foot leader.

25:15 – They plan a week or 10 days ahead according to tides

28:30 – For pacific permit fishing, Keith uses a furled leader – he does a perfection loop on anything less than a 15-pound tippet

30:10 – Keith talk about his tactics for fishing giant trevallies

35:30 – They use a waxed Cortland braided running line for Pacific permits

Photo courtesy of

28:50 – Keith uses Shilton Reels

fishing in the seychelles

39:40 – Giant trevallies swim alongside the sharks – they’re one of the predators in the sea

42:15 – For flies, they use surfers, poppers, nymphs, sempers, clausers, rush flies – they use a lot of different patterns but it’s all about the size, color, and profile.. “just believe in the fly”

45:20 – They started the Alphonse Fishing Company in September 2012 and they purchased Alphonse in August 2013. Blue Safari was launched in July 2018.

fishing in the seychelles

46:30 – Keith explains how they raise funds to protect the atolls in Seychelles and conserve the underwater habitats

47:50 – Keith talks about the bar at Alphonse where they gather in the evening and talk about their achievements for the day. The community there is so great that they get an 80% return rate.

fishing in the seychelles

51:00 – 40% of their guests come from the US

56:10 – Check out their website to learn more about the conservation programs they have going

57:30 – The best time of the year, weather-wise to come to Seychelles is October to May

59:40 – The cost per person is about 10-16k depending on the destination. Keith explains the logistics behind the price.

1:00:00 – Keith breaks down the transportation – how far and how long to get there

1:04:30 – Keith tells the story of when his boat parts got stolen which led to his old business shutting down.

1:07:30 – Jako Lucas is a regular on Seychelles. He was on the podcast at WFS 281. Keith tells the story of how they met.

fishing in the seychelles

1:11:20 – Keith is taking a trip to Norway this year


You can find Keith on Instagram at @keithroseinnesflyfishing

Visit their website at

fishing in the seychelles


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Fishing in the Seychelles Conclusion with Keith 

So there you go..

Seychelles.. is the place to be. When I see pictures of the islands there, a song plays in the background.. “ooh baby do you know what that’s worth? ooh heaven is a place on earth”

That trip is definitely going on the bucket list. A bit pricey but totally reasonable and worth it. I should probably start saving to take my family there.. that vacation of a lifetime. Would be nice if we could get some promo rates though.

Keith and the Alphonse atoll crew are doing some great stuff out there. If you want to connect with them, visit their website at or send them a DM on Instagram at @alphonsefishingco.

Are you planning a trip this year? Where to next?