Today we’re with the two Stillwater Legends, Phil Rowley and Brian Chan as we dive deep into the Stillwater world! We discover a handful of tips and tricks that we can apply today to up our Stillwater game. We break down the lifecycle and the different hatches of chironomids and find out how to use this knowledge to your advantage in catching big fish.

Phil and Brian are good friends and have fished together for many years. They’ve written a few books on Stillwater fly fishing, recorded DVDs, and taught schools and seminars. They are dedicated to helping us achieve more success and enjoyment on the water.

Stillwater Fly Fishing with Phil Rowley and Brian Chan. Hit play below!

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brian chan and phil rowley

Show Notes with Phil Rowley and Brian Chan

07:45 – Brian talks about chironomid hatches and species.

10:15 – Brian talks about the life cycle of a chironomid.

brian chan and phil rowley

16:15 – Trout like to feed on the dull pupa.

19:20 – Brian is a Fisheries Biologist.

34:45 – A depth finder and a fish finder are very useful tools to have on a Stillwater fishing trip.

brian chan and phil rowley

39:55 – Phil and Brian are going to have an online chironomid course. Stay tuned for that one!


You can find Brian on Instagram @brianchanflyfishing

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