Growing up by the Golden Gate Park, Tim never imagined that the casting ponds there would become a cornerstone of his journey in fly fishing.

Show Notes with Tim Rajeff from Echo Fly Rod. Hit play below! 👇🏻

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Episode Chapters with Tim Rajeff from Echo Fly Rod

(0:00:05) – Fly Casting Fundamentals and Techniques
Tim’s journey in fly fishing, influenced by his brother and practice, and the importance of dedication in enhancing performance on the water.

(0:14:10) – Mastering the Perfect Cast
Nature’s nuances in fly casting with different rods, emphasizing acceleration, casting arc, straight-line path, and stopping.

echo fly rod

(0:24:30) – Fly Casting Techniques and Fundamentals
Nature’s fundamentals of fly casting, stroke length, 10 to 2 rule, sidearm casts, double haul, and hands-on practice lead to mastery.

(0:31:15) – The Art of Double Haul Casting
Nature’s double haul increases line speed and distance, utilizing the rod’s lever and spring action for efficient casting.

(0:42:53) – Echo Fly Rod Company Evolution
Echo brand’s origins, journey from fishing lodges to distribution, expertise gained, iconic logo, and reputation for durable rods at competitive prices.

echo fly rod

(0:46:09) – Understanding Fly Rod Technology and Pricing
Evolution and technology of fly fishing rods, Loomis’ use of carbon fiber, Echo’s goal of affordability, and complexities of manufacturing.

(0:57:03) – Understanding Fly Rod Action and Power
Nature’s action and power in fly fishing rods, including fast, medium, and slow action, rod tips, and purchasing considerations.

echo fly rod

(1:06:04) – Fly Fishing and the Outdoors
Nature’s timeless allure of fly fishing in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park and its connection to childhood wonder and discovery.

(1:11:47) – Fly Casting Techniques and Tips
Nature’s infectious enthusiasm for fly fishing, the thrill of catching various fish species, and practical advice for improving casting techniques.


echo fly rod

(1:18:04) – Improving Fly Fishing Skills Through Coaching
Nature’s transformative power through minor adjustments in activities, joy in helping others, gratitude for listeners, and future fishing adventures with Tim.

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echo fly rod

Conclusion with Tim Rajeff from Echo Fly Rod

In this episode with Tim Rajeff, we dove into the heart and soul of fly fishing and fly casting—from Tim’s humble beginnings to the birth of Echo Fly Rod Company.