I had the pleasure of spending a couple of hours with Jason Miller at the Albany Fly Tying Expo this year.  I filmed him tying a Dee Fly and talking all about Spey Flies and Dee Flies in this hour and 1/2 fly tying video.

Jason is one of those cool guys you need to know.  He’s an up and comer on the tying seen and his passion is visceral.  A large dip in the lip and a good fly tying conversation appears to be Jason’s happy place.  Take a look at the video below and enjoy.


Click here to watch Jason Miller Tie a Dee Fly:


Pretty sweet right.  If you hung in for the entire thing you’ve got to reach out to me and let me know.  I would love to pass it onto Jason because I know that would get him fired up.

You can connect with Jason on Instagram @freestyletyer42.


Notes from the Jason Miller Spey Video

We talk about a bunch of topics during the video.  Here is a crazy summary of some of those things.  We have guest stops from Dave Mcnese, talk about John Shewey, the history of spey flies and much more.

  • John Shewey and the respect we all have for his contribution to fly tying
  • Jason shows us how he wraps tinsel.
  • We talk about Robert Clark from Fly Fishing Vet on Instagram
  • Threading your bobbin with out a tool.  Hint:  use your mouth
  • The Akroyd is a popular pattern.  Here’s a link to tie it from Davey.
  • Learn about the history of spey and dee flies as Jason talks about not only how to do it but why we use certain materials.
  • Dave Mcnese stops by and calls Jason a shitty fly tyer and Jason explains what Gled is
  • The Grey Hereon is a must have classic pattern
  • Watch Jason break his tying thread and then watch how he handles it
  • The Lady Caroline is one of the most classic patterns of all time.  Here’s what it looks like.
  • Advanced steelhead with Deke Myers.  Jason notes why some patterns use thicker materials in the back as noted in Deke Myers book.  Plus we note the velcro factor which is the material getting stuck in the steelheads teeth
  • The General Practitioner is one of Jason’s favorite Deschutes steelhead flies
  • We talk about what sets the Dee fly from the Spey Fly and how the wing is very important in both types of flies
  • Why to leave your tags very long to keep the fly totally even throughout the body of the pattern.
  • We talk about the Spey Tyer Facebook page which is where Jason loves to post on
  • We talk again about John Shewey as the editor of NW Fly Fishing Magazine
  • Matt shares a few names include Joey Hill who stops by the session while we were there.
  • We even talk about quitting chewing tobacco.  Here’s the article I noted on 11 tips that helped me quit.
  • Jason shows us how to merry wings together and how they they stick like velcro together
  • I share the interview I did with Simon Gawesworth on episode 009 of the fly fishing show.
  • We chat about the Pic Yer Pocket fly pattern and how it’s great for winter and summer steelhead.  Here’s my video from the show on the Pic Yer Pocket.
  • Jason shows us how he places the Dee style wings on this pattern


spey flies and dee flies


I wanted to give Jason a big thank you for taking the time to let me film this pattern for almost 2 hours.  It was a lot of fun and amazing how fast it went by.  This video is the epidomy of what the Albany Fly Tying Expo is all about.

Talking about fishing and tying with new people.  It’s all about making connections anyways so there is no surprise that both Jason and I put this together.  Thanks for watching!  If you watched the entire thing please connect with me here and let me know.