walleye fishing
On this episode of the Wet Fly Swing Great Lakes podcast, we're joined by tournament fisherman and lifelong angler, Randy Gaines, Captain at Nibble This Charters. With over 20 years of professional experience and multiple national tournament wins under his belt, Randy brings an ocean of knowledge and practical tips on fishing for bass and walleye in the Great Lakes. We talk about everything from the importance of understanding fishing structure to selecting the right lures and fly designs, to navigating different water conditions, and even a few fishing tales.
skinny water
In today's episode, the Dude Jeff Liskay chats with one of the best shallow-water fly anglers, Dave Hurley.
great lakes dude
Jeff Liskay is back on the podcast to take us back into Steelhead Alley this year with some bonuses and a big trip! We talk about what you can expect for that trip to Steelhead Alley with me, Jeff Liskay, Rick Kustich, and a bunch of other anglers, and why you should be excited about it!
chagrin river outfitters
Dan Pribanic is here today to take us to Chagrin River Outfitters, the Steelhead Alley area, and some fishing tips and tricks. We discover which strains of steelhead they are hitting up there in that part of Lake Eerie. We also get his take on single-hand versus two-handed rods and spey. We also dig into which other species he's...
Great Lakes fly fishing
Get ready to catch the big one as we jump back into Great Lakes fly fishing today. We know how much you love this, so we're serving up another dose of steelhead wisdom and adventure from the Great Lakes Dude, Jeff Liskay.
great lakes steelhead
Our main man, Jeff Liskay, is going to take a deep dive into how to build a roadmap to success when chasing Great Lakes steelhead and salmon.
Jeff Liskay
Jeff Liskay is going to take us around the Great Lakes today. You'll get the history of all the lakes, where to fish, and a heads up on this new podcast all in 20 minutes' time for the Great Lakes.
Ohio Steelhead
Jeff Liskay is back on the podcast to take us back into some tips on swinging flies for Lake Erie steelhead. We find out which spey casting tips Jeff gave me on our trip to Ohio. We also get the low down on the plan for next year's Steelhead School trip that is gonna be changing. We might be...
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