Phil Hayes breaks down ultralight backcountry fly fishing.  He produces the Wilderness Lite float tube which is a good start to your gear list when heading out on a backcountry trip.  We get into most of the gear you need to put together your trip and shed light on what it’s all about.


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Show Notes with Phil Hayes

08:00 – The Outcast Trinity and CaddisFly Floats tubes are discussed here in comparison to the smaller pack volume of the Wilderness Lite tubes.

09:30 – Phil’s journey to his home waters is even further than a previous guest in Rob Snowhite who was on in episdoe 12.

12:00 – Phil likes the airplane life jackets but there are other alternatives.

13:40 – Here is a backpacking checklist from REI.  You should make your own updated list based on your own needs.

17:48 – The Gregory Paragon is the goto pack for Phil.  I also use an old Gregory pack that I love.  They are super basic and tough.

20:00 – REI has some backpacking checklists to make sure you have the correct gear.

20:10 – Kenetrek Boots are what Phil has used for many years.

26:40 – The ThermaRest Chair Kit is my luxury item while backpacking.


31:30 – Phil Rowley was on the podcast in episode 34 and broke down stillwater fishing.

33:40 – Backcountry Hunters and Anglers is a group that promotes protection of our public lands.

45:20 – Try to find a wader that’s under 2 pounds.  Patagonia has an ultralight light wader with a super small pack size.

49:00 – Creek Company makes a lightweight fin and Phil has his own lightweight fin now.

56:40 – Garmin E-Trex 30

58:00 – John Gierach noted in this episode 47 that people die every year in the parks because they didn’t do the basic preparation.

1:04:35 – The REI duffle for backpacks

1:07:24 – The has some resources for camping and hiking.


You can reach Phil at WildernessLiteFloat


Conclusion with Phil Hayes

Phil and I take the deep dive into ultralight backcountry fly fishing and packing.  We hear what gear Phil loves and a few of my highlighted gear.  Not many fishing tips but if you’d like to hear a backcountry stillwater episdoe, leave a comment below.



  1. Hello Dave Steward, I find your blog post quite interesting and knowledgeable. I also learnt a lot from Phil Hayes interview. Now I know the right gear to adopt when heading out on a back country trip.