Brian Niska is back on the show to take us into Skeena steelhead fishing. Brian paints the picture of what you can expect if you’re putting out a trip together to the Skeena Spey Lodge.

He describes why he fishes the shallow water close to the bank, plus he gives us tips on how to do it. Brian really got nerdy today, and we loved it! So grab your gear because we’re going deep into the weeds today with Brian.

Skeena Steelhead with Brian Niska. Hit play below!


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skeena steelhead
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Skeena Steelhead Show Notes with Brian Niska

01:00 – We’re back at it, and we’re giving away a trip to Brian’s lodge.

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03:20 – In episode 370, we talked about the Skeena River Spey Lodge with Brian Niska. Today, we catch up with Brian and get an update on what he’s been up to since then.

05:16 – Brian talks about fishing opportunities at the Skeena Spey Lodge.

10:06 – Brian paints a picture of what to expect when planning a trip to the Skeena River Spey Lodge. They have 14 A-frame cabins and a cool lodge building that used to be a barn.

skeena steelhead


skeena steelhead

11:02 – Their culinary team is top-notch, so you can always expect delicious food.


14:48 – We talk about the Spey Fishing School and how it’s different from just a typical guiding trip.

15:50 – If people are interested in fly tying, they can spend time on the tying bench set up right by the pool table. They have great fly tyers amongst their guides, like Michael Orlowski and Adrienne Comeau.

24:26 – Brian tells a story about the time he caught a 30-pound Chinook Salmon in the middle of August. We had George Cook on the show before and talked about Chinook.

31:30 – Brian enjoys skiing with his family in winter. He also discusses the possibility of heliskiing at the Skeena Spey Lodge.

Brian Niska
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35:26 – Brian dives deep into the techniques, gear, and fly presentations that they use for finding fish at the Skeena Spey Lodge.

46:48 – Brian and his team use Mow Tip from RIO.

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50:56 – The Skeena Lodge has a fully-stocked fly shop on the premises, where they’ve got a great selection of all the gears they use for fishing.

58:44 – We touched on the history of the Skeena Lodge.

skeena steelhead

1:07:00 – Brian and his team love using the Kingfisher Shallow Water Extreme boat.

1:09:00 – Brian recommends taking a day or two in Vancouver before going to the lodge.

You can connect with Brian on Instagram @skeenaspeyfishing

Facebook at Skeena Spey

Youtube at Skeena Spey

Visit their website at Skeena Spey Lodge


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skeena steelhead
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Skeena Steelhead Conclusion with Brian Niska 

In this episode, Brian Niska talks about the fishing opportunities and experiences at the Skeena Spey Lodge, including techniques and gear for finding fish. He also describes the lodge’s amenities, including its amazing culinary team. We’re excited to hit the waters with Brian and his team.