Bobby Bower is here from Rocky Mountain Rafts to share some tips on choosing an inflatable raft for fishing.  We find out why a drop-stitch floor can be helpful for fishing if you want to avoid a frame.

Bobby also talks about which boat is best if you don’t have a trailer and want to throw the boat on top of the car.  RMR is also working on a new inflatable standing platform for their fishing boat so there should be some great things to see this year.


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Inflatable Raft for Fishing

Show Notes:  Tips on Choosing an Inflatable Raft with Bobby Bower 

06:30- Dave Whitlock was on the podcast in episode 160.  Dave was a big influence for Bobby in his fly fishing career.

15:30 – NRS, Aire and Maravia are all big raft companies out there. We talk about how competitive the space is and how Rocky Mountain has founder their niche.

15:40 – The RMR Storm is a killer boat for fishing.  It’s small enough to get two guys down the river and super portable.

17:30 – The Drop Stitch floor is a great feature for fly fishing.  Here’s the 14′ drop stitch raft that has enough room for your largest trips.  

27:35 – We talked about the fishing frame and some new ideas for the frames.  Bobby noted the new frames that will be out very soon with a focus on weight.

46:00 – FB has a number of good groups to help with rafts

49:50 – The New River is a great smallmouth fishery.  Here’s a link to the park.




You can find Bobby at Rocky Mountain Rafts

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Inflatable Raft for Fishing


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The RMR Phat Cat


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inflatable raft for fishing

Conclusion:  Inflatable Raft for Fishing with Bobby Bower

Bobby Bower from Rocky Mountain Rafts is on the podcast to share some tips on choosing an inflatable boat for Fishing.  Bobby has a huge passion for boats and today shares some stories from his hometown near the New River.