I demonstrate how to tie the “Beats Me” steelhead fly and discuss where this pattern originated.  The beats me came to me from Craig at dclann.com who is a Clearwater River steelhead expert.

This pattern is great for summer steelhead or anytime you need a sparse fly with a little color contrast.  Let’s get into it……

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Material List:  Beats Me Steelhead Fly

  • Hook:  Dai Riki #899 size 1/0 (sizes 6 through 1/0)
  • Thread:  Uni-thread 6/0 or 8/0 (depending on hook size)
  • Tag:  Small silver tinsel
  • Tail:  Golden Phaesant Crest
  • Rib:  Small silver tinsel
  • Rear body:  Uni-stretch Fuschia
  • Front body:  Small black chenille
  • Hackle:  Grizzly
  • Wing:  Grey Squirrel

steelhead fly


You can find the Craig, who originated this fly, at dclann.com.  Take a quick look at the video to find out how to tie the Beats Me Steelhead Fly.  If you have any questions, contact Craig at his site above.   If you would like to see more videos, click on the link below……